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キャンペーンにおける記述の明確化 Campaign Clarifications




パスファインダー・アドヴェンチャー・パス#29:Mother of Flies
 67ページ—Change the levels in the custom summon list as follows. Clerics of Asmodeus may summon a hellhound using summon monster III or cerberi using summon monster V.
パスファインダー・アドヴェンチャー・パス#52:Forest of Spirits
 60ページ—Change the description of the jingasa of the fortunate soldier to the following, "This conical iron jingasa, or war hat, grants the wearer a +1 def lection bonus to AC. When struck by a critical hit or sneak attack, the wearer can spend an immediate action to negate the critical hit or sneak attack (similar to the fortification armor special ability, but without requiring a roll). The damage is instead rolled normally. This ability functions once, though the jingasa continues to grant its deflection bonus even after the other ability is expended."
パスファインダー・アドヴェンチャー・パス#67:The Snows of Summer
 73ページ—Replace the text of the snowball spell with the following.
School evocation [cold, water]; Level bloodrager 1, druid 1, magus 1, sorcerer/wizard 1, summoner 1, witch 1
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S
Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Effect one ball of ice and snow
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance yes
 You throw a ball of elemental ice and snow at a single target as a ranged touch attack. The snowball deals 1d6 points of cold damage per caster level you have (maximum 5d6).
パスファインダー・アドヴェンチャー・パス#86:Lords of Rust
 75ページ—Make the following changes to Brigh’s obedience. The Evangelist ability Time Bounce allows you to cast dimensional bouncePathfinder RPG Advanced Class Guide 179) once per day as a spell-like ability. Time Bounce is not a supernatural ability. The Sentinel boon Call to Battle summons a clockwork golem that follows your orders for 1 round per Hit Dice you possess before vanishing.
パスファインダー・アドヴェンチャー・パス#89:Palace of Fallen Stars
 75ページ—Make the following changes to Zyphus’s obedience. In the Evangelist boon Champions of Cruel Chance, replace bestow curse 1/day with healing thief 1/day (Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Combat 231). In the exalted boon Visitors from Abaddon, the ceustodaemons follow your commands perfectly for 1 round per Hit Dice. The DC of the Sentinel ability Tragic Accident is equal to 10 + 1/2 your Hit Dice + your Charisma modifier. The number of negative levels your target gains on a hit in the Unfairness of the World is equal to 3 + 1/2 your Hit Dice unless it succeeds at a Fortitude saving throw (the DC for this ability is the same as your Tragic Accident DC, as listed above).
パスファインダー・アドヴェンチャー・パス#93:Forge of the Giant God
 75ページ—To benefit from the rewarding smash sentinel boon for Minderhal’s obedience, you must confirm a critical hit against a creature that is neither captive nor helpless.
パスファインダー・アドヴェンチャー・パス#106:For Queen & Empire
 75ページ—Replace the second sentence of tiller’s gum with "As a standard action, a stick of tiller’s gum can be imbued with a spell of up to 3rd level with a casting time of less than 1 minute and that targets one or mor creatures, as if the gum were the target of the spell." The gum uses the original caster’s caster level. If the gum isn’t used within 1 hour, it becomes nonmagical.
パスファインダー・アドヴェンチャー・パス#115:Trail of the Hunted
 83ページ—Replace the switchback jackal’s 4th level bonus feat Overwhelm with Outflank (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player’s Guide 165).
 89ページ—A wereraptor kin’s talons that she can use to make attacks are on her hands and cannot be used at the same time as manufactured weapons in those hands.
パスファインダー・アドヴェンチャー・パス#117:Assault on Longshadow
 76ページ—The hobbling effect from hobbling bomb admixture lasts until the spell’s duration ends.
パスファインダー・アドヴェンチャー・パス#121:The Lost Outpost
 82ページ—An enchanter heron animal companion gains the grab ability at level 7. Its swallow whole ability deals 1d6 points of acid damage.
パスファインダー・アドヴェンチャー・パス:Hell’s Rebel’s Player’s Guide
 14ページ—Make the following changes to Milani’s obedience. You may use the Inspiring Presence ability once per day for a number of rounds equal to your Hit Dice. In the Invoke Uprising ability, add the following sentences after the sentence that begins "Three times per day as a swift action." "If the effect does not normally allow a saving throw, calculate the save DC as normal if it is a spell; if it’s not a spell, the DC is equal to 10 + 1/2 the source’s Hit Dice + the source’s Charisma modifier."
パスファインダー・アドヴェンチャー・パス#139:The Dead Roads
 73ページ—When you take the Servant of the House of Truth feat, choose two Knowledge skills; apply the roll-twice benefit to only those skills.
パスファインダー・アドヴェンチャー・パス#140:The Dead Roads
 72ページ—The bloodstone mirror spell includes the “you can dispel this effect as an immediate action to redirect the spell...” Replace that phrase with “you can dismiss bloodstone mirror as an immediate action to redirect the spell...”


パスファインダー・モジュール:Down the Blighted Path
 63ページ—The vibrant frog hide’s tongue attack has all the special features of a whip. The special features of a whip include not being able to make attacks into adjacent squares and not extending the reach of the wielder’s threatened area.


パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Advanced Class Origins
 13ページ—A scarab stalker’s crocodile sacred animal focus grants a +8 bonus on Swim checks at 15th level.
 27ページ—Add the following text to the end of the first paragraph of the Fencing Grace feat. "You do not gain this benefit while fighting with two weapons or using flurry of blows, or any time another hand is otherwise occupied."
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Adventurer’s Armory
 4ページ—Change the last sentence of the scorpion whip’s description to the following, "If you are proficient with both scorpion whips and whips, you can use a scorpion whip in either the normal way, as a typical light performance weapon, or as a whip. When you use a scorpion whip as a whip, it is otherwise equivalent to a whip, but it deals lethal damage and can harm creatures regardless of their armor bonus."
 8ページ—A wrist sheath or spring-loaded wrist sheath can hold one forearm-length item. In addition to the listed examples, wrist sheaths can be used to store and deploy potions and scrolls. They cannot hold rods.
 Inside Back Cover—replace "disarm, reach, trip" in the scorpion whip’s Special entry with "performance".
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Adventurer’s Armory 2
 7ページ—Characters cannot wear double-plated armor if the armor’s maximum Dexterity bonus would be less than 0.
 8ページ—Remove the following sentence from the description of orc hornbow: "Any effects that apply to both longbows and shortbows also apply to hornbows."
 10ページ—If ammunition with jagged hooks does not have a critical multiplier of its own, use the critical multiplier of the weapon that fired the ammunition to determine the hooks’ effect.
 12ページ—Replace the last sentence of the dusk lantern with the following. "When a dusk lantern is shedding red light, creatures who are 10 feet away from the edge of the light’s area must succeed at a DC 10 Perception check to notice the presence of the light. The DC increases by 1 for every 10 feet between the creature and the light. Creatures with darkvision take a -5 penalty on this Perception check.
 20ページ—Sparring gear counts as armor for the purposes of abilities that are dependent upon wearing armor or not wearing armor, such as a monk’s AC bonus.
 21ページ—The aid another bonus that the allied cloak spell provides is always +2.
 24ページ—A gloomstick is a nonmagical light source. When determining its interactions with various light and darkness effects, note that its darkness is equivalently powerful to the light a sunrod produces.
 25ページ—The choking smoke smokestick trick references "any bonuses you add to dirty trick combat maneuvers." This refers to bonuses that you add exclusively to dirty trick combat maneuvers, not bonuses like your Strength bonus or a bonus on all combat maneuvers checks.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Agents of Evil
 29ページIoun spite bracers do not function for cracked and flawed ioun stones.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Alchemy Manual
 Pages 20 and 21—You may purchase other types of ammunition with the properties of any of the arrows listed on these pages. The ammunition costs the same as the arrow, unless the base cost of one unit of the ammunition costs 1 gp or more—in that case, add the cost of one unit of ammunition to the listed cost for the arrow.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Animal Archive
 Inside Front Cover—The available slots for piscine creatures are belt (saddle), chest, and eyes.
 11ページ—Tumor familiars cannot take the protector archetype.
 19ページ—Replace the first sentence of the Spell Sponge feat with "Whenever your master targets you with a spell with the range of personal, the spell’s duration is doubled as if modified by the Extend Spell metamagic feat."
 20ページ—In the charger archetype’s mounted challenge, replace the sentence "This ability replaces share spells" with "The cavalier’s mount only gains half the listed number of bonus tricks (minimum 0)."
 26ページ—The saddle of the sky river occupies a creature’s belt slot.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Antihero’s Handbook
 9ページ—For the purposes of the Blatherskite’s Cheap Shot ability, an unarmed target that is capable of making armed attacks does not count as unarmed (see page 182 of the Core Rulebook under "armed" unarmed attacks). Additionally, when the blatherskite uses his Blatherskite’s Surprise ability, his foe may attempt a Will saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 the blatherskite’s level + his Wisdom modifier (to reduce the duration of the lost Dexterity bonus to 1 round.
 10ページ—When using the Casting Conduit feat, an ally who would not take any damage from the spell counts as immune.
 14ページ—For the sin monk’s gluttony ability, reducing a helpless or unaware creature to 0 or fewer hit points, or reducing a creature that has fewer hit dice than half the sin monk’s character level to 0 or fewer hit points does not restore any hit points. A sin monk with the spawn of sin ability does not return to life as a sinspawn if slain, unless the player wishes to have this happen, at which point her character is marked as dead.
 17ページ—The last paragraph of a splintersoul’s splintered identity says that a GM may allow other classes or archetypes to follow a less strict version of a code of conduct while in an identity with an incompatible alignment. GMs have discretion over how to define this less strict code at their tables.
 19ページ—The martyred bloodline’s ancestral strikes deal good-aligned damage. This means that the bloodrager’s ancestral strikes overcome DR/good.
 29ページ—Frightshade has no effect against targets who succeed at the initial save. The effect of being shaken for an additional 1d4 rounds only applies to targets who failed the initial save.
 29ページ—Sand bomb does not deal damage.
 30ページ—The arrow slicer bow always grants its wielder a +2 bonus on Perception checks in Perception checks to act in the surprise round, not just when she is targeted by a ranged attack.
 31ページ—The liquid inside the vial of reckless courage degrades into a nonmagical liquid 1 minute after the first time the vial is opened.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Armor Master’s Handbook
 11ページ—The Spring Heeled Style feat also functions when using a full-round action to use the Spring Attack feat
 18ページ—When using the Shield Brace feat, treat the polearm or spear as a one-handed weapon. More specifically, when calculating the damage the weapon deals, it uses your Strength bonus instead of 1.5 times your Strength bonus, and it counts as a one- handed weapon when determining extra damage from the Power Attack feat. You may use Two- Weapon Fighting and other feats as if the polearm were a one handed weapon.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Black Markets
 25ページ—The spell venomous promise’s saving throw line should read, "Saving Throw Fortitude negates".
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Blood of Ancients
 4ページ—The restored glory power does not restore expended objects such as alchemist’s fire or a bead of force. A vestige bloodline sorcerer can replace her bonded object as normal.
 8ページ—Replace all references to "hard cover" in the eclipse version of Auspicious Birth with "cover".
 10ページ—The ioun kineticist’s ioun buffer ability can store 1 point at 6th level, 2 points at 11th level, and 3 points at 16th level. The dull gray ioun stones granted by the ioun cloud ability have a resale price of 0 gp.
 12ページ—An arcane warden must meet the prerequisites for any bonus feats.
 15ページ—Replace the break spell arcana’s last sentence to the following: "The magus must be at least 15th level and have the shielding arm arcana before selecting this arcana."
 20ページ—Replace the second sentence in the Pao-Lung Self-Improvement feat’s benefit entry with the following: For the next 24 hours, you gain a +1 bonus on checks of that type; the bonus increases by 1 every time you fail that type of check (maximum +5)."
 30ページ—Add the following to the end of the second tenet of Osiris’s paladin code: "I will show the utmost respect when exploring burial sites and recover only what I need from the dead, doing my best to avoid damaging their remains." Because Pathfinder Society scenarios often involve exploring tombs and even recovering important objects from them, this addition is intended to provide enough flexibility that a paladin of Osiris can participate in adventures.
 31ページ—Using the Tekritanin ability for at least 1 hour in conjunction with a divergent language applies the ability’s benefit until the end of the adventure; this ability does not permanently grant benefits to divergent languages in organized play.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Blood of Angels
 25ページ—Change the prerequisites line for the sunlit strike feat to "Prerequisites: Arcane Strike, able to prepare or cast daylight."
 29ページ—At 11th level, a sorcerer with the martyred bloodline adds the spell serenityPathfinder RPG Ultimate Magic 236) to her spell list as a bonus spell known.
 30ページ—The Clergy Member trait is usable once per scenario instead of once per week. The Faith Healer trait may be used for Day Job checks.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Blood of the Beast
 14ページ—The contagious suggestion spell functions as follows. Whenever the standard suggestion the caster places on a creature conflicts with the part of the spell that compels it to seek out other targets to pass on the spell, the standard suggestionprevails. Once a creature successfully passes on the spell, it continues to follow the directions from the suggestion, but it loses the compulsion to pass along the suggestion.
 19ページ—Remove the spells naga shape II and naga shape III from the bloodrager spell list.
 28ページ—Replace the final sentence of Mindful Meditation with the following, "These bonuses increase by 1 when you reach 10 Hit Dice and every 5 Hit Dice thereafter to a maximum increase of +4 at 20 Hit Dice.
 31ページ—Make the following adjustments and clarifications to the ancestor eidolon subtype. Do not apply racial adjustments to ability scores, speed, size, or languages. An ancestor eidolon cannot take feats or other abilities that would circumvent the archetype’s restriction on qualifying for feats based on race. Instead of gaining a +2 on all rolls that use a specific ability score at 4th level, an ancestor eidolon gain the ability increase evolution for that ability score at 4th level. The eidolon gains the evolution a second time for the same ability score at 8th level. Ancestor eidolons with the rogue template gain 1d6 sneak attack at 4th level instead of rounding down "a number of sneak attack dice equal to 1/2 its HD" as specified in the rogue template to 0 dice of sneak attack. The humanoid appearance of an ancestor eidolon retains fantastical elements that clearly mark it as a supernatural creature.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Blood of the Coven
 5ページ—A slag may’s awakened hag heritage benefit deals 1d4 points of bleed damage on a successful critical hit.
 7ページ—A sorrow may’s awakened hag heritage benefit blinds a target for 1 round on a successful critical hit if the target fails the saving throw.
 9ページ—A snow may’s awakened hag heritage benefit gives her immunity to extremely cold conditions, as if she were under the effects of a permanent endure elements spell (cold only) that cannot be dispelled.
 16ページ—Instead of transforming into hag at 20th level, hagbound witches gain a hex at 20th level. They do not qualify for archetypes that trade out a witch’s 20th level hex.
 17ページ—A vellemancer’s expanded wishgranter ability allows her to sacrifice prepared spells of 2nd level or higher to spontaneously cast the listed spells.
 26ページ—A covenbane slayer’s hag sense ability is a divination effect. However, any anti-divination defenses benefiting or created by a hag do not protect against this ability. For example, this ability bypasses the mind blank spell as provided by a hag’s coven.
 27ページ—A hag-riven bloodrager’s hexing claws ability replaces bloodrager’s entire damage reduction ability, not just the increase gained at 10th level.
 30ページ—Apply the following clarifications to both the battlepot cauldron and the cauldron of fireworks. The these items do not allow their users to affect unwilling creatures with potions of spells that require willing targets. Creatures may attempt saving throws against potions of spells that allow them. Only potions may be stored in these items, not elixirs or extracts.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Blood of the Moon
 7ページ—Replace the text of the skinwalker’s change shape ability with the following, to match the text of this ability in Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Races and Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 5.
 "A skinwalker can change shape to a bestial form as a standard action. In bestial form, a skinwalker gains a +2 racial bonus to his choice of Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution. While in this form, a skinwalker also takes on an animalistic feature that provides a special effect. Each time a skinwalker assumes bestial form, he can choose to gain two claw attacks that each deal 1d4 points of damage, 60 foot darkvision, or a +1 natural armor bonus. These benefits last until the skinwalker returns to his humanoid form as a swift action. A skinwalker must first return to his humanoid form before changing to bestial form again to change benefits."
 9ページ—Werebat-kin who use the Bat Shape feat transform into a flying fox (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 5 112).
 31ページ—Adjudications for the pelt of the beast is ambiguous. Beast shape I allows its caster to transform into a Small or Medium creature of the animal type, but some of the creatures whose skins may be used to create a pelt of the beast do not have Small or Medium statistics in a Bestiary. Use the following list to adjudicate the pelt for a bat, crocodile, shark, or tiger.・Bat: Turn into a Small bat, which appears to be an unusually large flying fox and gains abilities as a flying fox (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 5 112).
  • Crocodile: Turn into a Medium crocodile, which appears to be a young crocodile and gains abilities as a crocodile (Bestiary 51).
  • Shark: Turn into a Medium shark, which appears to be a young shark and gains abilities as a shark (Bestiary 247).
  • Tiger: Turn into a Medium tiger, which appears to be a young tiger and gains abilities as a leopard (Bestiary 265).
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Blood of the Sea
 5ページ—The ranger favored class bonus can only reduce attack roll penalties incurred due to being underwater, not attack roll penalties from other sources (such as Rapid Shot).
 10ページ—Electric Eel Conduit and Electric Eel Shock are not style feats.
 18ページ—A lifting bag carrying between 0 and 20 pounds returns to the surface at a rate of 60 feet per round. A lifting bag carrying more than 20 and up to 40 pounds returns to the surface at a rate of 30 feet per round.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Blood of Shadows
 22ページ—Firearms and techological weapons are not legal options for shadowcraft weapons.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Chronicle of Legends
 4ページ-Waving a standard is a standard action, and is not available until 14th level when the greater banner class feature is taken.
 5ページ-Dodging Dance requires a character to make one Acrobatics check per Attack of Opportunity, with a DC that increases on each subsequent check.
 18ページ-Change the listed prerequisite of the Thaumaturgic Aesthetics magic trick from Deceptive to Deceitful.
 30ページ-An arch-familiar that casts a spell with an expensive material component must supply that component
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Cohorts & Companions
 19ページ—Replace the spirit magic spells list of the ancestors spirit with the following: unseen servant (1st), spiritual weapon (2nd), heroism (3rd), spiritual allyAPG (4th), telekinesis (5th), greater heroism (6th), ethereal jaunt (7th), vision (8th), astral projection (9th).
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Dirty Tactics Toolbox
 6ページ—PCs may qualify for the feats Deep Toxin and Powerful Poison with ranks in Craft (alchemy) instead of ranks in Craft (poison).
 9ページ—PCs may qualify for the feat Toxic Spell with ranks in Craft (alchemy) instead of ranks in Craft (poison).
 10ページ—"Human" is not a legal choice for the Dedicated Adversary feat, but a human ethnicity such as "Ulfen" is legal.
 15ページ—The Kitsune Tricks and Kitsune’s Vengeance feats are not style feats. The Kitsune Style feat allows a PC to attempt only one dirty trick combat maneuver, even if he would have additional attacks on a charge from pounce or similar abilities.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Disciple’s Doctrine
 2ページ—The dogged trait’s bonus can apply to attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, or ability checks.
 4ページ—The temporary feats that an elemental monk gains from genie style do not grant additional uses of the Elemental Fist feat. Instead, the monk gains one additional use of Elemental Fist per day at 2nd, 6th, 10th, and 18th levels.
 10ページDebilitating speech has the fear descriptor.
 13ページ—You can activate the immediate action from litany of duty after failing the saving throw from spells that would prevent you from taking immediate actions of your own volition (such as dominate person), intercepting the spell in the time between the failed saving throw and the time that instructions to act against your will take effect.
 17ページ—For the numerical alchemy and greater numerical alchemy discoveries, note that an investigator must refer to his formula book to mix an extract, as per the investigator’s alchemy ability.
 19ページ—When a creature fails the Fortitude save against unflappable mein, its attack does not hit the creature protected by the spell. However, if the attacker succeeds at the Fortitude save, the attack may hit the warded creature as normal before the spell pushes the attacker back 5 feet.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Divine Anthology
 8ページ—The Stirring Discourse of the Mind masterpiece can provide bonuses on Knowledge checks to perform research in a library that takes more than 10 minutes to complete. As long as the person attempting the research check begins within the masterpiece’s 10-minute window, the masterpiece’s bonus applies.
 11ページ—The spell-like ability that the Minor Miracle feat grants does not count as the ability to cast divine spells for the purposes of fulfilling prerequisites or requirements.
 19ページ—The Mighty Protector trait’s last sentence should say, "If you succeed, you grant the ally a +4 bonus to AC instead of a +2 bonus against that opponent’s next attack."
 26ページ—The Self-Realization subdomain does allow characters who are not half-elves to cast paragon surge, bypassing the standard race-specific restriction for spells from the Pathfinder RPG Advanced Race Guide. Regardless of the race of the character who casts the spell, the character keeps all of her extraordinary and supernatural abilities, and the enhancement bonuses apply to Dexterity and Intelligence as typical for the spell.
 28ページ—The Divine Fighting Technique feat qualifies you for divine fighting techniques in other sources, as long as you meet the prerequisites listed in that source. For example, you must have the same alignment as your chosen deity to qualify for the divine fighting feats on page 10 of パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Weapon Master’s Handbook.
 30ページ—The advanced benefit of Sarenrae’s mercy only applies against true and worthy foes. It does not apply against unconscious, helpless, or unaware foes or foes whose CR is less than your character level -2 (minimum 1). At the GM’s discretion, if you are using this feat in a way that is not in keeping with the teachings of Sarenrae, such as healing someone and then beating them again to gain hit points for yourself, you may not receive healing.
 31ページ—When using the initial benefit of Urgathoa’s hunger, the maximum number of temporary hit points you can gain from an attack is equal to your character level.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Dragon Empires Primer
 5ページ—A kitsune who takes the Fox Shape feat can remain in fox form indefinitely.
 14ページ—The wayang spellhunter trait cannot reduce a spell’s effective level below the unmodified spell’s original level (for example, it does not allow you to alter a wizard’s fireball into a 2nd-level spell.)
 22ページ—The sword saint’s brutal slash ability modifies weapon expertise as follows. Replace the second sentence of weapon expertise with "At 3rd level, the samurai selects either the katana or the wakizashi." The brutal slash ability also replaces mounted archer.
 23ページ—When using her hair as a primary natural attack, a white-haired witch uses her Strength modifier to determine her attack bonus. She uses her Intelligence modifier instead of her strength modifier to determine her bonus to damage with this attack. Witches of races that do not normally have hair may select this archetype—this archetype supernaturally causes them to grow hair.
 29ページ—Replace the void elemental school’s 3rd-level spell tapestry’s embrace with the spell call the void on the same page.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Elemental Master’s Handbook
 4ページ—When calculating the damage for a firebrand’s Big Boom! ability, add any bonus damage to the attack once, rather than adding it to both the bomb damage and the firearm damage separately and gaining a double effect.
 5ページ—The name of the masterpiece at the top of the second column is Blazing Rondo.
 21ページ—For the mud school, a creature struck by a mud missile may attempt a Reflex save (DC 10+ half your wizard level + your Intelligence modifier) to negate the blinding effect. This does not negate the bludgeoning damage.
 26ページ—In the chart at the bottom of the page, a genie binder’s class-granted Fortitude save and Reflex save bonus at level 2 are +1 rather than +0. Its bonuses for these saves at level 5 are +2 rather than +1.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Familiar Folio
 11ページ—A familiar with the mascot archetype selects its team member(s) when its master prepares spells or at the start of the adventure.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Gnomes of Golarion
 Pages 14 and 15—The traits on these pages are available only to gnome PCs (including humans who have taken the Racial Heritage feat). They have the types listed in the text (Combat, Faith, Magic, or Social) but do not count as Race traits. You may gain any of the traits on these pages with the Adopted Trait, as specified on page 14. However, they count as traits of their listed type and not as Race Traits. For example, if you use the Adopted trait to take the Excitable trait, you have a Social trait and a Combat trait. You may use Adopted to take a Social trait from these pages as an exception to the rule against having two traits of the same type.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:The Harrow Handbook
 15ページ— The Deadly Dealer feat allows a character to enhance sets of 54 harrow cards with any enhancement that would normally be able to apply to ammunition, for the same price that it would normally cost to enhance 50 pieces of ammunition. Only harrow decks may be enhanced in this way. Decks of cards made of special materials are not available for purchase.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Haunted Heroes Handbook
 23ページ—The DC of the caster level check to remove the Uda Wendo’s curse with remove curse is 10 + 1/2 the uda wendo’s level + his Charisma modifier.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Healer’s Handbook
 4ページ—A sacred attendant’s inspiring camaraderie ability grants a competence bonus equal to the level of the cure spell cast, rather than equal to the cleric’s level.
 4ページ—A disciple of wholeness cannot use hone body or greater hone body to grant herself immunities using ki points.
 10ページ—When a wasteland blightbreaker uses her banish blights ability, the break enchantment effect replaces the normal effect of the extract.
 11ページ—If a sacramental alchemist uses any domain abilities with a limited number of daily uses, he must select the same domain any time he prepares a sacramental cognatogen for the rest of the day, tracking expended abilities as normal for that domain. For example, if a domain grants a 1/day ability, he cannot use it a second time by rebrewing his cognatogen.
 11ページ—Neutralizing bomb grants an immediate new saving throw against all effects that grant ongoing saves to clear. For example, it grants an ongoing save against spells like hideous laughter, but not against effects that grant no additional saving throws beyond the initial save, such as flesh to stone.
 13ページ—Add the following text from the Resurrection subdomain to the resurrection focused blessing, "Creatures returned to life in this way continue to be affected by any still-active spells, conditions, or afflictions present at the time of their death."
 14ページ—Contingent spells come into effect after a specified trigger happens and cannot preempt an event. A trigger such as "when I am reduced to 20 hit points" is valid, but a trigger such as "when I would otherwise have died" is not.
 14ページ—For the Fortuitous Vigor feat, the GM is the arbiter of which ability checks, attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks qualify to regain vigor points. In general, having a character attempt repeated superfluous skill checks in order to regain vigor is against the spirit of this feat.
 15ページ—The temporary hit points that the Unconquerable Resolve feat grants last for 1 minute.
 16ページ—When a character uses the ameliorating or major ameliorating hex to grant a creature the ability to suppress a negative condition at some point in the future, this protective effect expires after 24 hours if it is not triggered.
 19ページ—A faith singer may activate his domain spell-like ability during a bardic performance, taking the normal actions required to cast the spell. If the spell-like ability has an expensive material component, the bard must supply that component.
 20ページ—A Pei Zin practitioner’s healer’s way ability heals 1d6 hit points for every 2 oracle levels she has (minimum 1d6).
 21ページ—A succor oracle’s perfect aid ability does not stack with other feats, class features, traits, or any other abilities that improve the bonuses she grants when using the aid another action.
 25ページ—A paladin cannot apply the targeted mercy to herself on a round in which she has already performed actions that would break the sanctuary spell (for example, she cannot attack a foe and then use it to block that foe’s attacks).
 26ページ—A benefactor shaman can attempt to suppress a given curse with her suppress curse ability once every 24 hours.
 27ページ—A character with the restoration spirit specialization hex shell of succor may use the hex once per day, plus one additional time at 11th and 19th levels.
 28ページ—Under the healer’s satchel item, each of the four specialized satchels (diagnosis, first aid, long-term care, and treatment) is a different magic item that costs 3,000 gp.
 29ページ—A nursing necklace does not grant a +10 circumstance bonus on Heal checks to treat the wearer until the wearer has been wearing the item for 24 hours.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Heroes of Golarion
 4ページ—Replace the last sentence of jaguar’s protection with "The slayer must be at least 6th level and have the jaguar’s grace talent to select this talent.
 5ページ—The Father of Legends’s song of valor ability can be used for a number of rounds per day per day equal to the PC’s Charisma modifier plus their spirit bonus.
 6ページ—Wyrwoods selecting the paladin favored class option gain a bonus spell per day of the highest level they can cast at that time (e.g. a 2nd level-spell slot if they take the fourth point in this favored class bonus at 7th level). The extra spell’s level is does not increase with their paladin level.
 6ページ—As typical for bonuses from the same source, the bonuses granted from consume power do not stack with themselves.
 7ページ—The temporary hit points from magical heart do not stack with each other, and they last for 1 minute.
 10ページ—The unicorn bloodline’s 9th level bonus spell is neutralize poison. The blessing ability grants immunity to evil weapons—this means weapons that explicitly overcome DR/evil by virtue of their alignment (excluding +5 weapons).
 12ページ—The following clarifications apply to the plague eater archetype. In the plague ward ability, the bonus on saving throws against disease replaces the typical bonus on saving throws against mind affecting effects. .In the spiritual inoculation ability, the +4 bonus on saving throws against disease replaces the typical +2 bonus on saving throws against mind-affecting effects. Similarly, in greater spiritual inoculation, the plague eater grants a bonus on saving throws against disease to her allies, not a bonus on saving throws against mind-affecting effects.
 13ページ—Creatures stunned by the peafowl aspect’s major form may attempt a new saving throw at the end of each of their turns to escape the effect.
 13ページ—The bonus from the perfect body phrenic amplification expires if it is not used within 1 hour.
 13ページ—The bonuses from the psychic defense phrenic amplification expires if it is not used within 1 hour.
 16ページ—A creature can only be affected by a particular witch’s beast’s gift hex once per day.
 18ページ—A smoke cartridge costs 35 gp.
 18ページ—Firing a screaming bullet as a part of an Intimidate check does not require any additional actions. The bullet requires no attack roll and deals no damage.
 22ページ—The elephant major form’s ability to carry a Medium creature indicates it is a suitable mount, which does not impose the –5 penalty on Ride checks for riding an unsuitable mount.
 22ページ—The Ride-By Attack ability allows the horse shifter to move and attack (e.g. make a hoof attack) as if she were using Ride-By Attack while mounted. She does not need to be a horse riding an even larger animal.
 23ページ—Modify the sphinx bloodrager’s bloodline as follows. The roar imposes the frightened condition, never the panicked or paralyzed conditions. The radius of the effect is 10 feet+ 5 feet for every 2 levels beyond 4th, rather than 60 feet.
 24ページ—A phoenix sorcerer’s bloodline arcana only affects instantaneous spells whose spell level is 1 or higher.
 25ページ—An alchemist using explosive calligraphy can trigger only one rune per round. Any runes in the explosive radius of the first rune remain, and can be detonated on future rounds.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Heroes of the Darklands
 5ページ—The Terrain Celerity feat’s movement speed increase based on "a creature of the same type as one of your favorite enemies" ignores your allies.
 8ページ—You can activate a rockfall cloak as a free action even if it is not your turn. If another creature is in your square when you activate it, they may attempt a DC 15 Reflex save to jump to an adjacent square instead of being trapped within.
 9ページ—The grasp spell imposes a scaling penalty based on the number of times you have used it "in a particular situation." To reset this penalty, a creature must spend 1 minute during which they are not climbing or clinging to a surface that they are in the process of climbing.
 9ページ—The rock whip spell bypasses partial cover, cover, and improved cover, but not total cover.
 10ページ—The following clarifications apply to the blightseeker alchemist. Spore bombs deal fire damage. A blightseeker cannot apply alchemist discoveries marked with an * to his bombs. A blightseeker must assign blights to all of his bombs when he prepares them at the beginning of the day. The fear-inducing blight has the fear descriptor, and the confusing blight has the mind-affecting descriptor.
 15ページ—The morning sun spell bypasses undead creatures’s typical immunity to harmful effects that allow a Fortitude save and cannot affect objects.
 16ページ—A demon-sworn witch’s cruel hex deals damage on the round that a hex is first activated. If a witch uses a grand hex and then uses cackle to extend it, she deals 4d4 damage from the grand hex plus 1d4 from the cackle. If she uses cackle to maintain the hex on subsequent rounds, she deals 1d4 damage each round from the action she spends to maintain the cackle.
 16ページ—A fungal pilgrim’s fungal companion does not apply the ability score adjustments from the fungal template.
 17ページ—A vermin tamer’s mount gains access to the belt (saddle) magic item slot.
 20ページ—Harmless effects that target all allies, such as a bard’s inspire courage ability, do not trigger an animus mine.
 21ページ—A beastkin beserker does not adjust her ability scores when she undergoes a feral transformation. When selecting creatures for her savage rapport, the beserker must choose creatures that have statistics, and she can only take the form of a specific animal once she gains the ability to transform into an animal of that size. For example, a beastkin beserker who selects triceratops would be able to take the form of a triceratops at 12th level. She could not take the form of a younger triceratops of varying sizes at lower levels.
 28ページ-29—An alchemist or investigator can craft all legal alchemical items on these pages with a DC 25 Craft (alchemy) check. Drought powder requires only a DC 20 Craft (alchemy) check.
 30ページ—A ghoulbane belt allows its wearer to use one of the listed spells once per day. This counts as the item using the spell using its caster level as typical for a magic item, not as the wearer casting the spell.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Heroes of the Fringe
 3ページ—Replace the last sentence of Mwangi Linguist with "In addition, you gain a +1 trait bonus on Linguistics checks to decipher writing."
 4ページ—The iron within alternate racial trait does not allow the dwarf to qualify as having a ki pool for any purpose (e.g. activating special items or qualifying for prerequisites) other than those listed in this ability.
 6ページ—The deep tradition alternate racial trait’s bonus on attack rolls applies only against drow, duergar, creatures of the aberration type, and creatures with the giant or orc subtypes.
 17ページ—Replace the penultimate sentence in the first paragraph of First World caller’s warp reality ability with the following: "If successful, he can apply two planar traits from the previous list, or any one of the following traits: no gravity, subjective directional gravity, erratic time, fire-dominant, water-dominant, minor negative-dominant, minor positive-dominant, or wild magic." The First World caller cannot apply the erratic time trait in Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild, yet it is included in this clarification for the sake of completeness.
 18ページ—Add the following text to the end of the aura of laughter ability: "Deactivating this aura is a free action."
 29ページ—Replace the penultimate sentence in the scatter sling’s description with the following: "When the wielder of a scatter sling makes a ranged attack with the weapon using a nonmagical bullet as ammunition, she can have the bullet fragment into sharp pieces, dealing piercing damage equal to 1d3 plus the sling’s enhancement bonus (but not other bonuses) to each target in a 15-foot cone."
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Heroes of the High Court
 3ページ—The inhabitant of illusion trait can detect illusions within 10 feet.
 4ページ—For the Enlightened Noble feat’s Scion of the Arts option, note that bards using versatile performance do not roll Perform checks; they substitute their bonus on Perform checks for their bonus on relevant skills.
 5ページ—The Noble Stipend feat grants a PC 100 gp at the beginning of each adventure. Purchases and excess funds disappear at the end of the adventure.
 6ページ—A court poet gains the following ability:
 "Practiced Orator (Su): At 3rd level, a court poet gains 3 more rounds of raging song per day. He gains 3 additional rounds of raging song at 6th level and every 3 levels thereafter. This ability replaces rage powers."
 9ページ—Replace the first sentence of the witch watcher’s diminished spellcasting ability with, "A witch watcher can cast one fewer spell of each level than normal."
 11ページ—A remote bomb deals splash damage to all targets, unless a creature is in possession of the bomb at the time the alchemist triggers it (in which case it does direct hit damage to that creature, with no attack roll required).
 11ページ—The perceive betrayal spell allows creatures that come within 200 feet of the caster to attempt a Will save. If they succeed, the caster does not detect traitorous intent. Effects that block divination, such as mind blank, block perceive betrayal.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Heroes of the Streets
 8ページ—The inspire imitation alternate racial trait replaces a half-elf’s Skill Focus feat.
 18ページ—You can use the Competition subdomain’s athletic exploit power a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.
 25ページ—Remove the second paragraph in the Urban Hunter’s altered animal companion class ability.
 30ページ—The coin shot spell does not apply the caster’s ability modifier (for most characters, Strength) to damage.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Heroes of the Wild
 5ページ—Humans who take the Fey Magic racial trait do not gain Fey Thoughts.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Inner Sea Primer
 22ページ—The Ustalavic Noble trait provides no additional starting gold.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Knights of the Inner Sea
 28ページ—The carry companion spell’s target line should read "One willing animal or magical beast touched."
 30ページ—The prices and weights of the knight captain’s lance and the war lance are switched. The knight captain’s lance should cost 10,310 gp and weigh 10 lbs., and the war lance should cost 22,710 gp and weigh 13 lbs.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Legacy of Dragons
 4ページ—Replace the second sentence of the second paragraph under Energy Types with the following, "For the purpose of the dragon resistance bloodline power, you gain DR that is bypassed by the two damage types other than the damage type that your breath weapon deals. For example, if your breath weapon deals bludgeoning damage, you gain DR/piercing or slashing. The amount of DR you gain is equal to half the energy resistance you would normally gain against all attacks of that specific damage type.
 4ページ—Replace the second sentence of the second paragraph under Energy Types with the following, "For the purpose of the dragon resistance bloodline power, you gain DR that is bypassed by the two damage types other than the damage type that your breath weapon deals. For example, if your breath weapon deals bludgeoning damage, you gain DR/ piercing and slashing. The amount of DR you gain is equal to half the energy resistance you would normally gain against all attacks of that specific damage type.
 9ページ—An oracle who takes the dragon magic revelation and selects a spell with an expensive material component must pay that component cost every time she uses the revelation to cast that spell.
 10ページ—Dragon magic is a racial trait for elves. This racial trait replaces elven magic.
 12ページ—The dragonheir scion gains fearful might at 2nd level. She gains draconic strike and draconic presence at 4th level and 6th level, respectively, replacing the fighter bonus feats she would normally gain at these levels.
 22ページ—A drake rider gains skill points as indicated in the skills section on page 22, not as indicated in the table on page 23. Drakes that do not raise their intelligence scores gain 3 hit points per HD.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Legacy of the First World
 3ページ—Fey hex does not stack with accursed hex or other effects that allow you to influence creatures with your hexes more often than normal.
 7ページ—Fey mutagen, greater fey mutagen, and grand fey mutagen do not grant natural armor.
 11ページ—The flicker revelation lasts for 1 round.
 11ページ—When calculating your Combat Maneuver Bonus for Whimsical Prank, use your oracle level instead of your base attack bonus (not instead of your Combat Manuever Bonus).
 11ページ—Any effect that provides a luck bonus also grants immunity to gremlin’s luck.
 13ページ—For the iron spine spell, movement is defined as taking any action other than speaking or a purely mental action. A creature may attempt a Fortitude save when it moves to avoid suffering from the spell’s detriments for 1 round.
 14ページ—Shadow doubles are illusory. Treat them as mirror images for the purpose of how they interact with effects like true seeing, until the slayer reaches 20th level, at which point they count as shadow conjuration instead.
 17ページ—The duration of strand of the tangled knot is 1 round/level or until triggered.
 19ページ—If a twinned eidolon uses a spell-like ability with an expensive material component, it must supply that component.
 19ページ—For the Conduit Casting feat, conduits cannot receive spells with a range of personal or spells that produce an emanation centered on the caster (such as antimagic field).
 23ページ—In the Unfettered Rage feat, change the first sentence of the benefit to begin, "Change the first sentence to begin, "When raging, when you declare a full attack..." That is, the decision to make the extra attack comes first on your turn, and imposes the listed penalties.
 26ページ—When determining the effects of the fey template on a hooded knight’s feytouched mount, treat the mount’s CR as equal to the hooded knight’s cavalier level.
 29ページ—When using the Ragadahn’s Raqs Beledi performance, a creature must always occupy at least one unique square at the end of its movement. For mounted creatures,treat mount and rider as a single creature for this rule.
 29ページ—When using Ragadahn’s Spiraling Ascent, so long as the bard spends a move action each round to maintain it, the cyclone keeps a suspended creature aloft, even if the creature is in a space adjacent to the cyclone. If the bard does not spend a move action to maintain the cyclone, the suspended creature falls at the end of the bard’s turn.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Magic Tactics Toolbox
 6ページ—In the warp metal spell, change the word "wooden" in the Targets line to "metal".
 7ページ—The investigator and rogue talent Just a Face in the Crowd’s bonus on Perception checks applies only to Perception checks to spot hiding creatures, and its bonus on Disguise checks applies only to Disguise checks to blend into a crowd.
 Pages 8-9—Spells augmented with the feats Burning Amplification, Chilling Amplification, or Shocking Amplification do not apply the additional effects from the feat to targets who do not take fire, cold, or electricity damage from the spell, respectively.
 18ページ—When using signal chalk to draw a rune for a humanoid or outsider, select a subtype, such as outsider (evil). The rune only affects creatures of that subtype.
 23ページ—In the toxicologist druid archetype, the sentence "A toxicologist can channel stored spell energy only into summoning spells she has prepared ahead of time" means that the toxicologist can only spontaneously cast a summon nature’s ally spell if she prepared at least one copy of the summon nature’s ally spell at that level earlier that day.
 31ページ—Make the following modifications to the vine strike spell. Replace the beginning of the second sentence with "While this spell is in effect, one of your natural attacks or unarmed strikes..." A creature who succeeds at a Ref lex save against this spell is immune to its entangle effect for 1 round.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Martial Arts Handbook
 4ページ—Battle dancer’s rolling fury ability mentions provoking attacks of opportunity "if she would be unable to take a 5-foot step normally." Simply having taken a 5-foot step earlier on her turn does not cause her to provoke attacks of opportunity from this ability.
 7ページ—When using the break style strike to attempt a check as a free action to attempt a check as a free action to escape a grapple, the monk may not attempt to control the grapple.
 7ページ—For reference, in the Unbalancing Blow feat, the size modifiers to CMD are as follows: Large +1, Huge +2, Gargantuan +4, Colossal +8.
 9ページ—Shikigami style mentions "style feats that list Shikigami style as a prerequisite." This should instead say "feats that list Shikigami style as a prerequisite." Shikigami style cannot cause a weapon’s base damage to exceed 3d6.
 10ページ—A blackpowder gunslinger’s mobile reload allows her to reload her weapon between shots when using dual shot on the run. The two attacks granted by dual shot on the run can come from the same weapon or from different weapons.
 12ページ—When using stick fighting maneuver to make an extra combat maneuver, you must use a combat maneuver that can be performed in place of a melee attack—that is, disarm, sunder, or trip.
 14ページ—Replace the Dragonfly Wings benefit’s first sentence with the following: "While using Dragonfly Style, the bonus on your melee attacks applies to opponents up to two size categories larger than you."
 15ページ—Treat a shielded staff as a single weapon, using the higher of the shield’s or staff’s hardness and hit points.
 15ページ—Remove the last sentence of the feat Shielded Staff Master, which reads as follows, "If both your shield and weapon have an enhancement bonus, use the higher of the two bonuses to determining your shielded staff’s enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls."
 19ページ—When using the Shapeshifter Twist feat to break a grapple as a move action, you may not attempt to take control of the grapple.
 20ページ—A monk using bare-hand block to activate ki sunder as a free action may take this free action even if it is not his turn.
 20ページ—The benefits of building up koan last for 1 round (instead of until the end of the round).
 28ページ—In the block chakra ability, attacking the target’s root chakra reduces its DR by 5 for 1 minute, and does not reduce its DR on a successful save.
 31ページ—Replace the quintain’s granted bonus to Ride checks to control a combat-trained mount with a bonus to Ride checks to fight with a combat-trained mount.
 31ページ—Wandering punishment’s awesome blow ability mentions a "standard attack." This refers to an attack action.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Melee Tactics Toolbox
 13ページ—The Kraken Throttle and Kraken Wrack feats are not style feats. When you use Kraken Throttle to choke an opponent, you cut off its ability to breathe. The opponent counts as holding its breath for the purposes of the suffocation rules on page 445 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook, and it does not need to roll Constitution checks to avoid falling unconscious until it has been unable to breathe for 2 rounds per point of Constitution—or fewer rounds as appropriate if she takes standard or full-round actions while unable to breathe.
 21ページ—Sunderblock can be crafted with a successful DC 25 Craft (alchemy) check.
 31ページ—Make the following modifications to the vine strike spell. Replace the beginning of the second sentence with "While this spell is in effect, one of your natural attacks or unarmed strikes..." A creature who succeeds at a Reflex save against this spell is immune to its entangle effect for 1 round.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Merchant’s Manifest
 4ページ—The penalty from multiple badger plushes or multiple uses of the same plush does not stack.
 5ページ—The cathedral pit stone’s use on a grid intersection matches hitting a square, not an intersection.
 5ページ—When activating a mother-sphinx token, select which of the arcane concordance metamagic feat to apply to your spells for the duration of the effect. The token’s benefits last until the end of the round after which you activate the token.
 7ページ—Anulite paprika only reduces the damage taken from ongoing fire effects, such as from being on fire.
 7ページ—A blade of life’s defense must be held to grant its saving throw bonus.
 8ページ—A protective ruff automatically absorbs damage but can absorb no more than 10 points of damage per attack.
 8ページ—Only two creatures can bond to one another at a time by drinking wine of concordance.
 10ページ—The crackling tassel functions when you fight defensively, including when you do so as a standard action or as a full-round action.
 11ページ—The martial arts training gear only reduces lethal damage dealt by bludgeoning attacks, not attacks that deal a combination of bludgeoning, piercing, and/or slashing damage.
 12ページ—Removing a gown of graceful petiteness takes 1 uninterrupted minute.
 15ページFervent searcher’s gloves only function on surfaces that retain tracks. This includes earth, stone, and a forest floor, but not water, air, or molten lava.
 17ページ—A creature can negate the emerald-eye blade’s curse effect with a successful DC 20 Will save.
 18ページ—You can activate the alabaster trapping only after the effects of triggering touch has already resolved, and the effect functions only against a creature that directly touched you using its body (e.g. with a natural attack or unarmed strike, not with a weapon). Unless the creature is flying or swimming, you cannot use this effect to push a creature upward so that it would take falling damage.
 21ページ—A creature can only benefit from wearing one covenant ring at a time.
 24ページ—Only camel, eohippus, horse, pony, shissah, and zebra companions can wear poh armor.
 27ページ—The eagle summoned by a caravan guardian remains for 1 minute once summoned. The item’s owner can verbally command the eagle to cease or resume attacking but otherwise has no special control over the bird.
 31ページ—The lingering leitmotif bardic masterpiece grants allies the benefits of your inspire competence bardic performance. This effect and the temporary hit points last until the performance ends.
 31ページ—The order of the reins challenge grants morale bonuses on attack rolls and to AC. When substituting his Handle Animal skill bonus for his mount’s Acrobatics or Swim check modifiers, apply the mount’s armor check penalty (if any) to the final bonus.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Monster Hunter’s Handbook
 9ページ—The armor piercer rogue talent does not stack with the unchained rogue debilitating injury bewildered.
 13ページ—A disciple of the pike cavalier cannot qualify for advanced weapon training.
 17ページ—Effects that modify a bomb’s splash radius have no effect on an oozemaster’s ooze bombs.
 18ページ—Add the following sentence to the end of the banishing warden’s banishing smite ability, "A banishing warden treats her paladin level as 3 levels lower when determining the benefits of her mercy ability."
 26ページ—For bottled musk, a variety of creature refers to a specific type of creature such as red dragons, rather than all dragons, or fire elementals, rather than all elementals.
 26ページ—An animal can learn to attack a single creature type that it would not normally attack from a monster dummy, such as undead. Teaching an animal to attack more than one creature type requires expending an additional trick to improve the attack trick (see the Handle Animal skill on page 97 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook), and cannot be done by purchasing several monster dummies.
 28ページ—A character using a melding cloak to meld into material can move and observe her surroundings. She cannot attack or take other actions.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Monster Summoner’s Handbook
 16ページ—A summoner with the morphic savant archetype may only transform their eidolon into legal forms for their subtype in Pathfinder Unchained. Because protean eidolons can only take the serpentine form, a morphic savant’s protean eidolon does not gain fewer evolution points per level than a standard eidolon.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Occult Origins
 8ページ—A phytokineticist gains the following ability at 1st level.
 Basic Phytokinesis
Element wood; Type utility (Sp); Level 1; Burn 0
You can prune and otherwise garden plants within 30 feet without using gardening tools. You can search wooded areas and other plant-heavy areas from a distance as if using the sift cantrip (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player’s Guide 244).
 Additionally, use the following clarifications for the level and burn cost of the phytokineticist’s wild talents: forest siege (Level 9, Burn 0), greater toxic infusion (Level 7, Burn 4), and wood soldiers (Level 9, Burn 1).
 17ページ—Any spell selected with the mnemonic esoterica discipline power must follow the same guideline used for determining the spell level for a scroll found on page 20 of the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide.
 22ページ—Any spell selected with the divine the mysteries archetype ability must follow the same guideline used for determining the spell level for a scroll found on page 20 of the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide.
 23ページ—An id rager gains only the emotional focus abilities of a phantom, not the base abilities of a phantom, such as slam attacks and armor bonuses.
 25ページ—The Truth in Wine feat does not grant any additional benefit to addicted characters.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Paths of the Righteous
 14ページ—The sentence "First, the devoted muse qualifies for and benefits from deeds as if she were a swashbuckler 3 levels lower than her class level (minimum 1)." means that when a character taking levels in devoted muse already has levels in a class that grants the deeds ability, the first three levels she takes in devoted muse do not increase her effective level for the purposes of the deeds ability.
 22ページ—Apply the following adjustments to the runeguard prestige class. Using the rune of charity, a runeguard cannot transfer spells centered on the caster (such as antimagic field). The level of transferred spells with a range of personal cannot exceed the runeguard’s level -2. The bonuses provided by the runes of generosity and humility last until the end of the target’s next turn. A runeguard using the rune of zeal can apply metamagic feats that naturally use up a spell slot 1 level higher than the spell’s actual level (reductions in cost from abilities like the Magical Lineage and Wayang spellhunter traits do not apply when determining which metamagic feats qualify).
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:People of the North
 25ページ—Replace the third sentence of the Witchguard’s Defend Charge ability with the following. "At 8th level and every 4 levels thereafter, these bonuses increase by 2." Replace the second-to-last sentence of the ability with the following. "At 7th level and every 3 levels thereafter, the witchguard can use this ability one additional time per day."
 26ページ—Replace the text of the snowball spell with the following.
 School evocation [cold, water]; Level bloodrager 1, druid 1, magus 1, sorcerer/wizard 1, summoner 1, witch 1
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S
Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Effect one ball of ice and snow
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance yes
 You throw a ball of elemental ice and snow at a single target as a ranged touch attack. The snowball deals 1d6 points of cold damage per caster level you have (maximum 5d6).
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:People of the Wastes
 5ページ—Spells cast as a part of runic charge must have a casting time of one standard action.
 8ページ—A constructed puglist’s grapnel arm does not automatically pull grappled foes adjacent to her. The puglist may freely move closer to or farther from her grappled target during her turn without releasing the grapple, so long as she remains within 40 feet. At the end of the puglist’s turn, the chain’s length locks. The grappled foe can move, but he cannot move farther from the puglist than he is at the start of his turn without first breaking the grapple.
 17ページ—A blightwarden’s emulate taint ability functions on creatures that are part of the adventure, but not on creatures that PCs bring with them or summon. The Worldwound is an area of supernatural blight that triggers the benefits of the blightwalker ability.
 25ページ—A wasteland chronicler’s wasteland specialist ability grants a bonus on Diplomacy checks to inf luence wasteland dwellers. "Wasteland dweller" means those who live in the Worldwound or in non-urban areas within the cold, desert, mountain, or swamp terrains.
 28ページ—Drain construct bypasses a construct’s typical immunity to necromancy effects.
 29ページ—Influence wild magic works in areas of primal magic.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Pirates of the Inner Sea
 19ページ—A boarding gaff’s weapon type is P or S.
 24ページ—An inner sea pirate’s hit dice is d8. The pirate talent ability should say that an inner sea pirate gains pirate tricks at 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th, and 9th levels (to match the chart on page 25).
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Plane-Hopper’s Handbook
 10ページ-11—Planar power components can be used as material components, but they cannot be used as focuses.
 20ページ-22—As stated in the text, characters with alternate elemental heritages gain affinities that "function as and can be replaced as" the standard air, earth, fire, and water affinities. They also count as the air, earth, fire, or water affinity racial traits for the purposes of determining benefits earned from Pathfinder Society boons.
 24ページ—For all effects in the aeon eidolon’s 12th level ability, use the DC 10 + half the eidolon’s Hit Dice + the eidolon’s Charisma modifier.
 25ページ—The following clarifications apply to the astral eidolon’s base evolutions. When melded with a summoned creature, an eidolon does not confer any benefits or detriments from spells, items, or any other effects to the summoned creature, other than those explicitly stated in the eidolon subtype. When the eidolon grants a new natural attack to a summoned creature, use the summoned creature’s abilities, size, and other statistics to determine the accuracy and damage of the attack. If any natural weapons granted by evolutions are similar to those that the summoned creature already possesses, the summoned creature can replace the base damage dice of these natural attacks with the base damage dice typical for that evolution.
 29ページ—You can only use Lady Luck’s Guidance feat when you can see the open sky at night. The benefits of the feat last for up to 8 hours
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Potions & Poisons
 6ページ—The benefits of dispelling blood apply only the first time that a particular dose of poison strikes any creature.
 7ページ—When a scorpion bloodline sorcerer uses progenitor’s sting on a weapon, it remains poisoned for 1 hour. When she uses her 11th level ability to poison the weapons of willing allies within 20 feet, she can poison up to a number of weapons (including individual pieces of ammunition) equal to her Charisma modifier.
 8ページ—A fermenter alchemist’s batch brew ability grants her a 10% discount on all tinctures that she purchases. This discount does not stack with other abilities that discount the price of items.
 10ページ—When a venom siphoner grants poison to a familiar that would not normally have poison, the familar can use the poison on a number of attacks per day equal to the witch’s intelligence modifier plus 1/2 the witch’s level. If the familiar already has a natural poison, this number of uses also applies to the number of times per day that she can empower the poison. The range of the spit attack is 15 feet.
 10ページ—When using gift of consumption, the DC of the saving throw that the hexed creature must attempt is equal to the DC of the saving throw of the original effect that the witch was exposed to.
 10ページ—The claws that the witch gains from poison touch function as primary natural attacks, rather than secondary, if the witch is not also attacking with manufactured weapons.
 12ページ—If a needler succeeds at a check to perform a concealed delivery, she delivers the poison and the target does not notice that they have been poisoned. If she fails at the check, she does not deliver the poison, and the target knows that she was trying to touch them without being noticed.
 13ページ—The alchemical bonuses that a rotdrinker gains from drinking poisons last for the maximum duration that the temporary hit points could last, even if the temporary hit points are expended.
 13ページ—Using toxic regurgitation expels all of the suspended poison.
 20ページSteelskin elixir provides an enhancement bonus to natural armor rather than a competence bonus.
 22ページ—Tinctures are not potions or elixirs.
 28ページDeath’s will uses contact poisons.
 30ページ—The wearer of an eye of crystalized venom can activate it to crust a gem after failing a saving throw against a poison as an immediate action.
 31ページ—The wearer of a vest of resonating fortitude can tap the vest after being exposed to poison as an immediate action.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Psychic Anthology
 Pages 10-11—A creature who succeeds at a Fortitude save against a rend body spell takes half damage and does not lose a limb. A creature who loses half or more of its legs from rend body has its movement speed reduced to 5 feet.
 18ページ—If a projectionist mesmerist is inhabiting an object and that object is destroyed, the mesmerist is immediately shunted back to his body. The implant consciousness ability’s 8th level improvement extends the duration of the implanted consciousness from concentration to concentration + 1 round, allowing the mesmerist to cast spells during that additional round.
 20ページ—The maelstrom infusion is a form infusion rather than a substance infusion.
 21ページ—The positive admixture wild talent’s element is wood, not void.
 21ページ—Hitting a creature with spore infusion more than once resets the duration of the effect. It does not cause the target to take more than 1d6 points of damage per round.
 22ページ—Remove the prerequisites line from the foxfire utility talent.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Sargava, The Lost Colony
 24ページ—Replace the first sentence of the Monkey Lunge feat with the following. "When you use the Lunge feat to increase the reach of your melee attacks, you do not take a -2 penalty to your AC until your next turn."
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Spymaster’s Handbook
 25ページ—In the agathiel archetype’s bestial identity ability, the vigilante may only select abilities provided by beast shape that the creature whose form he is taking would normally possess.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Taldor, Echoes of Glory
 22ページ—Replace the skills line in the prerequisites for the Lion Blade prestige class with the following: Bluff 3 ranks, Diplomacy 3 ranks, Disguise 5 ranks, Perform (sing or act) 3 ranks, Stealth 5 ranks.
 25ページ—The spell detect the faithful does not detect creatures pretending to be a member of your faith.
 27ページ—The ring of the sublime does not grant immunity to fear. Instead, it grants a +4 bonus on saving throws against fear, as the spell remove fear.
 Pages 28-29—Reduce the number of ranks in each skill required to qualify for each feat on these pages by 3 (to a minimum of 1 rank).
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Varisia, Birthplace of Legends
 10ページ—Change the Benefit text of the Thunder and Fang feat to the following. "You may wield an earth breaker and a klar at the same time. When you do so, you may treat the earth breaker as though it were a one-handed weapon. When using an earth breaker as if it were a one-handed weapon with a klar in your off hand, you retain the shield bonus your klar grants to your Armor Class even when you use it to attack. Treat your klar as a light weapon for the purposes of determining your two weapon-fighting penalty."
 10ページ—Replace the last sentence of the kapenia dancer’s weapon and armor proficiency with the following. "A kapenia dancer is not proficient with armor or shields. He does not have the magus’s ability to ignore arcane spell failure from armor; however, if he becomes proficient in light armor, he automatically gains the magus’s ability to ignore the arcane spell failure chance from light armor. If he becomes proficient in medium armor, at 7th level he ignores medium armor’s chance of arcane spell failure. If he becomes proficient in heavy armor, at 13th level he ignores heavy armor’s chance of arcane spell failure. This replaces the magus’s normal armor proficiencies, including those gained at 7th and 13th level."
 11ページ—Add the following two sentences to the end of the thundercaller bard’s thunder call ability. "A creature that succeeds at the saving throw is immune to the stunning effect but still takes sonic damage. Beginning this performance is always a standard action." When a thundercaller uses her call lighting or call lightning storm abilities, calling down one bolt of lightning takes a standard action.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Weapon Master’s Handbook
 10ページ—The Divine Fighting Technique feat qualifies you for divine fighting techniques in other sources, as long as you meet the prerequisites listed in that source. For example, you must worship your chosen deity as your sole patron deity to qualify for the divine fighting feats on page 28 of パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Divine Anthology.
 15ページ—The Startoss Style feat’s bonus on damage rolls applies when making ranged weapon attacks with thrown weapons, not when making melee weapon attacks with them.
 23ページ—In the Weapon Material Mastery feat, a creature that fails a saving throw against the ability of an elysian bronze weapon loses access to the randomly selected ability for 1d3 hours.
パスファインダー・プレイヤー・コンパニオン:Wilderness Origins
 2ページ—The Guerilla Tactics trait’s benefits apply only in forests.
 3ページ—The Sharp Eyes trait grants immunity to the dazzled condition, except that caused by the light sensitivity or light blindness racial traits.
 4ページ—The dragonfly aspect’s minor form increases the shifter’s base speed, not the fly speed granted by the aspect’s major form.
 5ページ—The octopus aspect’s major form gains only a single tentacle attack. This attack does not apply damage dealing enhancements and effects dependent on dealing damage, such as injury poison or the flaming weapon special property.
 6ページ—The save DC of a dragonblood shifter’s breath weapon is 10 + half the dragonblood shifter’s level + her Constitution modifier.
 7ページ—A swarm shifter can wield weapons and make attacks while in her vermin form. At 15th level, a swarm shifter’s distraction ability applies only to her natural weapons and swarmer touch attack. The swarmer ability’s maximum damage is 5d6 at 19th level. Replace the second paragraph of the swarmer ability with the following: "At 10th level, once per round when a swarm shifter makes a successful grapple check she can use this ability to automatically deal her touch attack damage to the creature she’s grappling."
 8ページ—When manifesting an alternate natural attack that does not modify a creature’s hands—including claws, pincers, and slams—a shifter can only manifest a single such natural attack.
 9ページ—When using the Weapon Shift feat, the user’s natural attacks do not gain the reach weapon property. When using Improved Weapon Shift and Greater Weapon Shift, choose whether to apply the enhancement bonus and weapon special properties of the melded weapon or the bonuses and properties granted by other items, such as an amulet of mighty fists; you cannot gain the benefits of both items simultaneously.
 13ページ—For the blossom shower ability, replace the second paragraph’s third sentence with the following: "If an effect requires a saving throw, the DC is equal to 10 + the number of sneak attack dice expended + the petal ninja’s Charisma modifier." The petal ninja’s class level must be at least 5, 7, 9, or 11 in order to use the blossom shower abilities associated with 3, 4, 5, and 6 sneak attack dice respectively.
 14ページ—Add the following sentence to the lashvine alternate racial trait: "The vine leshy can transform the lashvine back into a hand as a free action."
 15ページ—A verdivant’s plant mount takes 1 week to regrow, during which time the mount is helpless. A verdivant can have only one effloresce in effect at a time until 12th level, at which point he can have two efflorescences in effect simultaneously. Replace the innervating pollen ability description with the following: "The verdivant and his allies within 30 feet gain a +1 competence bonus on attack rolls or on saving throws (the verdivant’s choice; all allies gain the same benefit). This bonus increases by 1 at 9th level, 14th level, and 17th level.
 17ページ—An effervescent bomb does not target a creature and thus cannot be used to achieve a direct hit for the purpose of alchemist bomb discoveries and similar effects.
 21ページ—For the teacher from afar ability, an occult messenger’s level is equal to the master’s combined level in classes that grant familiars.
 23ページ—Replace the Spark of the Uncanny feat’s Special entry with the following: "When your familiar gains the speak with master ability, you can replace this feat with Improved Familiar."
 27ページ—The rope tornado spell deals no additional damage as a result of the tornado-force winds.
 28ページ—Replace the third sentence of the flame steed spell with the following: "So long as either it or its rider has been attacked since the end of the rider’s last turn, once per turn as a free action, the steed can exhale a 15-foot cone of smoke and ash."


パスファインダー・キャンペーン・セッティング:Aquatic Adventures
 51ページ—Replace the aquatic bloodrager’s bonus feat choice of Skill Focus (Fly) with Skill Focus (Swim).
 56ページ—Whenever someone refills your pressurized air tank, you must pay 5 gp for materials.
 56ページ—Hippocampi cannot wear barding.
 58ページ—For the purposes of the Favor of the Empress of Torrents feat, your caster level is equal to your character level.
 62ページ—The aquadynamic armor special ability increases the price of the base armor by the listed amounts—these amounts do not reflect the total armor price.
 63ページ—The standard steam metamagic rod is called a steam metamagic rod, not a murky metamagic rod.
 63ページ—A traveler’s wetsuit costs 2,750 gp.
パスファインダー・キャンペーン・セッティング:Chronicle of the Righteous
 51ページ—Change the beginning of the vinetrap spell to the following.
 School conjuration (creation); Level cleric 5, druid 5
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, DF
Range long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level)
Target one creature
Duration 1 round/level (D)
Saving Throw Reflex negates; Spell Resistance yes
パスファインダー・キャンペーン・セッティング:Construct Handbook
 13ページ—Replace the blood treatment ability’s description with the following: “A cruorchymist can give up some of this blood to restore his blood familiar. As a swift or immediate action, a cruorchymist can take a number of points of Constitution damage. His blood familiar heals 1d6 hit points for every 1 point of Constitution damage the cruorchymist inflicts upon himself in this way.”
 14ページ—Replace the salvage armor ability’s description with the following: “Scrap from a construct grants the scrapper an enhancement bonus to his natural armor bonus to AC equal to one-quarter the construct’s Hit Dice (minimum +1). If the scrap is salvaged from a piece of armor, it instead grants an enhancement bonus to his natural armor bonus to AC equal to 1 + the armor’s enhancement bonus (if any). If the scrapper already has an enhancement bonus to his natural armor bonus from another source, he can choose to increase that bonus by 1 while both effects last (or by 2 if this ability would grant at least a +4 bonus to his natural armor bonus).”
 19ページ—Machinebane oil bypasses a construct’s immunity to ability damage.
パスファインダー・キャンペーン・セッティング:Concordance of Rivals
 6ページ-The +4 bonus granted by Atropos’s obedience can only be applied to a d20 roll. To use the benefits of Atropos’ obedience, the player must inform the GM of the three specific types of checks that they expect to use the benefit for at the beginning of the adventuring day.
 8ページ-Wanderer’s Bane (the second boon granted by Il’surrish) staggers the target for 1 round on a successful save, rather than dazing the target for 1 round.
 9ページ-The bonuses to initiative checks and Ref lex saves granted by Insight into Disaster (the second boon granted by Imot) are insight bonuses.
 12ページ-A creature cannot take damage from Hands of Death (the third boon granted by Mrtyu) more than once per round unless they purposefully pass through the wall multiple times in a round.
 13ページ-While benefiting from the obedience of Narakaas, you may choose to ignore any excess healing that would restore the points of damage inflicted by the obedience. In doing so, you also ignore any other benefits associated with excess healing, such as the temporary hit points granted by the spirit boost life oracle revelation. If the chaaracter ever has less damage than the damage they took from the f lagellation as a result of being healed, the DR ends.
 14ページ-Change the second boon ability granted by Narriseminek to the following: “2: Crownless Crown (Ex) You gain a halo of illusory protean symbols around your head. Once per day as a standard action, you can either cast mirage arcana as a spelllike ability or use the protean warpwave ability (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 213). The DC to resist your warpwave equals 10 + half your HD + your Charisma modifier.
 16ページ-The obedience of Saloc grants you a number of temporary ranks in a skill equal to your level or 5, whichever is lower.
 16ページ-Cosmic Appeal can be used once per adventure that grants a Chronicle Sheet.
 21ページ-Replace the text of the second boon ability granted by Ydajisk with the following: 2: Burning Tongue (Ex): Three times per day as a standard action, you can briefly transform your mouth into a serpentine maw with a tongue of roiling sonic energy. As part of this action, you make a ranged touch attack that targets a single creature within 30 feet. The attack deals 8d6 points of sonic damage, renders the target confused for 1d4 rounds, and leaves the target unable to communicate in any spoken or written language for a number of hours equal to your Wisdom modifier; a successful Will save negates these effects but not the damage (DC = 10 + half your HD + your Charisma modifier). A target unable to communicate intelligibly in this way has a 20% spell failure chance for spells with verbal components, and a 20% chance to incorrectly
use a command word to activate a magic item.”
パスファインダー・キャンペーン・セッティング:Distant Realms
 12ページ—In the adaptive shifter archetype, unfettered wild shape replaces both wild shape and shifter’s fury (see the Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Wilderness FAQ on
 13ページ—Sever alignment is an advanced talent.
 22ページ—In the realm wanderer archetype, deceptive subtlety replaces both track and wild empathy. The skill bonuses granted by this ability do not stack with the ones granted by favorite enemy. In the queen’s bond ability, use the animal companion’s HD to determine the benefits it gains from the fiendish template. Remove the last sentence in parentheses in this ability—a realm wander may chose to gain a non-fiendish animal companion, but doing so takes 48 hours instead of 24.
 32ページ—In the Heavenly Bane feat, a "weapon imbued with the bane special quality" refers to a weapon enhanced by the bane class feature, not a magic weapon with the bane property.
パスファインダー・キャンペーン・セッティング:Distant Shores
 63ページ—A PC cannot benefit from the feat Bonded Mind or any teamwork feats that use it as a prerequisite unless he permanently possesses the feat; this is an exception to how an inquisitor’s solo tactics ability, a cavalier’s tactician ability, and similar abilities function.
パスファインダー・キャンペーン・セッティング:Druma, Profit and Prophecy
 19ページ-If the golem’s conviction ability is used to attack a target, the player chooses the designated target to attack when they fail the Will save.
パスファインダー・キャンペーン・セッティング:Faiths of Golarion
 5ページ—The increases to luck bonuses granted by Fortunate Spells and Fortune’s Child do not stack with other effects that increase luck bonuses.
 44ページ—Replace the first tenet of Magrim’s paladin code with the following: “The dead have earned their peace. I shall see them put to rest with respect and do my utmost to keep their graves and tombs honored. If I must disturb these places, I shall recover only what I need from the dead, doing my best to avoid damaging their remains.” Because Pathfinder Society scenarios often involve exploring tombs and even recovering important objects from them, this addition is intended to provide enough flexibility that a paladin of Magrim can participate in adventures.
 47ページ—When using the game of chance or wager for Nivi Rhombodazzle’s obedience, chose some game that has a 50% chance of victory (such as flipping a coin or rolling an 11 or higher on a d20).
 59ページ—When using the collective vision ability on more than one creature at once, the duration of the ability decreases to 1 round.
パスファインダー・キャンペーン・セッティング:The First World, Realm of the Fey
 8ページ—Any time a feysworn is targeted by an effect that would restore her to life (e.g. raise dead or breath of life), she must immediately expend 4 Prestige Points or the effect fails. This expediture covers the drawback of feymarked.
 20ページ—The Green Mother’s obedience grants a +4 profane bonus on saving throws against charms and compulsions.
 28ページ—When you perform Magdh’s obedience, select three Intelligence-based skills. You gain a +4 bonus on those skill checks for 24 hours or until you perform this obedience again.
Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Horror Realms
 7ページ—Tentacles from the tentacles arcanist exploit last for 1 minute per arcanist level. The arcanist can dismiss them before the duration expires.
 9ページ—A mute musician can use a language dependent-effect so long as he has both hands free to use a writing utensil and writing surface. Such abilities have a maximum range of 30 feet, even if the range of the effect would normally be greater. The spells that a mute musician gains from insight for beyond must be spells of a level that he can cast.
 14ページ—At 5th level, oracles with the lich curse add command undead to their list of 2nd-level spells known, rather than control undead.
 16ページ—Replace the dark tapestry shaman spirit’s spirit magic spell list with the following: entropic shield (1st), dust of twilightAPG (2nd), tongues (3rd), black tentacles (4th), feeblemind (5th), planar binding (6th), insanity (7th), reverse gravity (8th), interplanetary teleportUM (9th). A dark tapestry shaman may use her alien summons hex once per day, plus one additional time at 8th level,and one additional time at 15th level.
 18ページ—An aberrant eidolon may take the tentacle mass evolution one additional time beyond the evolution it receives from its base form, for a total of two tentacle masses.
パスファインダー・キャンペーン・セッティング:Inner Sea Combat
 45ページ—A spellscar drifter’s challenge ability allows him to deal extra damage whenever he makes attacks with firearms against the target of his challenge. His challenge ability doesn’t allow him to deal extra damage with weapons that are not firearms.
パスファインダー・キャンペーン・セッティング:Inner Sea Faiths
 17ページ—Chromatic Scourge provides a sacred bonus instead of a profane bonus.
 45ページ—You may use All Who Live Suffer Loss as a standard action 3 times per day.
パスファインダー・キャンペーン・セッティング:Inner Sea Gods
 20ページ—In performing Asmodeus’s obedience, you may drain the blood from yourself.
  Page 28—Calistria’s first sentinel boon should read "divine favor 3/day, align weapon (chaotic only) 2/day, or keen edge 1/day."
 84ページ—Irori’s f irst sentinel boon should read "true strike 3/day, false life 2/day, or haste 1/day."
 108ページ—You may perform the bury secrets form of the Norgorber’s obedience even if you could locate a crowd. You do not need to pay for the poison you apply to the needle—you create it from materials on hand.
 212ページ— You may kneel on spiked chains to perform Zon Kuthon’s obedience, even if you could perform the obedience’s first version.
 212ページ—The feat Glorious Heat grants a number of points of healing equal to the spell level, not half your caster level. For example, flame strike grants 5 points of healing, while spark grants 0.
 215ページ—Change the text of the potion glutton feat to the following, "Benefit: You can drink potions, elixirs, or other potables (but not extracts) as a move action without provoking an attack of opportunity. Normal: Drinking potions is a standard action that provokes an attack of opportunity."
 256ページ—The Improved Unarmed Strike feat granted by the perfectionist shavtoosh does not allow its bearer to qualify for abilities that list that feat as a prerequisite.
 259ページ—Replace the text of the ring of seven lovely colors with the following.
 Ring of Seven Lovely ColorsPrice 7,000 gp; Slot ring; CL 7th; Weight —; Aura moderate abjuration and transmutation
 This golden ring with seven brightly colored gems functions as a ring of protection +1. In addition, seven times per day, the wearer can use beast shape II to transform into a songbird for 7 minutes (use the statistics for a raven). The ring’s magic shares Shelyn’s preference for mercy and peace over violence. If its wearer willingly makes an attack while in songbird form, the polymorph effect ends immediately and the rings’s songbird transformation ability deactivates for 1 week. If the wearer is forced to make an attack against her will (such as from the effects of confusion), the songbird form does not deactivate.
 261ページ—The boots of the earth can be activated once per day.
 286ページ—The Dervish Dance feat does not work if you are "carrying a weapon or shield in your off-hand". A spell does not count as a weapon or shield—therefore, a magus can use spell combat with Dervish Dance.
パスファインダー・キャンペーン・セッティング:Inner Sea Intrigue
 30ページ—Change the sentence on the eighth line of the undermine authority ability that begins with "However" to the following, "If you succeed at the check, the target is subject to a mind-affecting compulsion that alters its attitude for a number of days equal to your inquisitor level."
 46ページ-The following clarifications apply to the Tinkerer alchemist archetype. A tinkerer familiar with the mauler archetype does not gain bonus hit points. In Clockwork Bond, the familiar gains all of the listed abilities. It also gains the following abilities at the usual levels for a familiar: improved evasion, empathic link, speak with master, and spell resistance. All benefits from Clockwork Bond and Tinkering apply to the familiar after it upgrades from a clockwork spy to a clockwork familiar (with the exception of the Tinkering ability to increase damage to a slam attack, which a clockwork familiar does not have).
 50ページ—Antidotes can only be purchased for poisons that have a listed price.
 54ページKyonin bliss is a single-use item.
 60ページ—The spell implant urge’s saving throw line should read "Will negates."
パスファインダー・キャンペーン・セッティング:Inner Sea Magic
 33ページ—Replace the second-to-last sentence of the crypt breaker alchemist archetype with the following. "Against all other creatures, alkahest bombs deal 1d4 points of damage, plus 1d4 points of acid damage for every odd-numbered level."
 40ページ—A tattooed sorcerer may only use her create spell tattoo power during days spent in play, not between scenarios.
 43ページ—The familiars listed on pages 10 and 11 of the Reign of Winter Player’s Guide are legal options for the winter witch archetype.
パスファインダー・キャンペーン・セッティング:Inner Sea Races
 195ページ—The Obsessed with Success trait does not function on Day Job checks.
パスファインダー・キャンペーン・セッティング:Inner Sea Temples
 22ページ—The neverspill goblet cannot preserve anything with a market value of 1,000 gp or more. This rule is intended to prevent limitless preservation of expensive elixirs that expire after opening and are intended to be used once.
 33ページ—When the soul vault spell grants its target a saving throw against an effect that would not normally allow a saving throw, the DC is 10+ 1/2 the HD of the creature using the effect + that creature’s Cha modifier.
 42ページ—The soul candle does not wink out quickly enough to allow characters to act on the surprise round against a haunt.
 43ページ—The preserve spell does not prevent magic items that expire after a specific amount of time from expiring.
 52ページ—The bonuses on skill checks that the altar of the dawnflower grants last for 24 hours.
 62ページ—Change betraying sting’s saving throw line from "Saving Throw Will partial" to "Saving Throw none."
 62ページIncessant buzzing requires spellcasters to succeed at a concentration check to cast spells in the area rather than a caster level check.
パスファインダー・キャンペーン・セッティング:Inner Sea World Guide
 229ページ—In the Other Deities chart, replace Apsu’s Creation domain with the Artifice domain.
 234ページ—Add the Evil domain to the list of domains granted by Ayrzul, Hshurha, Kelizandri, and Ymeri.
 256ページ—Wielding the perfectionist shavatoosh does not count as possessing the Improved Unarmed Strike feat for the purposes of qualifying for abilities that list that feat as a prerequisite.
 278ページ—In the Hellknight prestige class chart, remove (full speed) from the list of 8th level abilities.
 281ページ—A low templar gains the ability live to fight another day at 5th level.
 282ページ—A red mantis assassin can cast spells in light armor without incurring the normal arcane spell failure chance. A red mantis assassin’s prayer ability is a mind-affecting effect.
 286ページ—The Dervish Dance feat does not work if you are "carrying a weapon or shield in your off-hand." A spell does not count as a weapon or shield—therefore, a magus can use spell combat with Dervish Dance.
 287ページ—The feat Harmonic spell only grants an extra round of bardic performance when you cast a spell of 1st level or higher.
 289ページ—Remove Diehard from the prerequisites for the Survivor feat.
 296ページ—The spell Shield of the Dawnflower does not grant a saving throw.
パスファインダー・キャンペーン・セッティング:Occult Realms
 10ページ—A PC can only have the ability to contact one legendary spirit at a time and permanently loses the ability to contact a legendary spirit if he breaks that spirit’s oath. A PC can regain that spirit’s favor with an atonement spell priced as if restoring a cleric’s spellcasting abilities.
 17ページ—When casting shadow enchantment or greater shadow enchantment, a PC uses his own spell list to determine the level of the replicated spell. If the spell does not appear on his list, use the spell level that appears on the wizard’s or psychic’s list.
パスファインダー・キャンペーン・セッティング:Path of the Hellknight
 16ページ—If you possess the Focus of Mind ability, You can use your assiduous gaze for a number of rounds per day equal to 1/2 your hellknight signifer level or 3 rounds per day plus 1 additional round at 16th and 20th level—whichever is greater.
 38ページ—The Gate Breaker feat allows you to deal additional bonus damage equal to your Strength modifier, even if you have already added your Strength modifier as a part of your damage roll.
 39ページ—When using the Scrutinize Spell feat to gain a bonus on your Intimidate check to demoralize a target (in the last sentence of the feat), you may gain a bonus equal to your Charisma or Wisdom modifier even if you have already added that stat as a part of your Intimidate bonus.
 61ページ—The second-to-last paragraph in the first column of the shackle spell should read "If you are 6th level or higher, you can make the restraints mithral, or you can summon Tiny or Large restraints."
パスファインダー・キャンペーン・セッティング:Paths of Prestige
 29ページ—Replace the first sentence of the Hellknight signifer’s Arcane Armor Expertise ability with the following. "At 2nd level, if a Hellknight signifer has the Arcane Armor Training feat, he gains Arcane Armor Mastery as a bonus feat."
 36ページ—The text for the mammoth rider’s colossus hunter ability should read as follows:
 "At 2nd level, a mammoth rider gains a +1 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against Large and Huge creatures. At 8th level, the mammoth rider gains a +2 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against Gargantuan and Colossal creatures."
パスファインダー・キャンペーン・セッティング:Qadira, Jewel of the East
 19ページ—Make the following adjustments to the solar sorcerer. Replace the bonus spell gained at 3rd level with faerie fire. When the cleansing flame ability would remove a condition that resulted from a failed saving throw, the condition removal is not automatic. The target may attempt another saving throw against the effect. If this saving throw succeeds, the effect is removed.
 29ページ—A character with the lesser sun totem rage power applies the immunity to environmental effects from heat and severe heat and bonus on Fortitude saves against the effects of extreme heat even when she is not in rage.
 33ページ—A sunsinger skald’s pillar of light ability produces nonmagical light.
 43ページ—Replace the order of the saddle cavalier’s challenge with the following, taken from the last few sentences of the listed challenge ability: "The cavalier gains a +1 dodge bonus to AC against attacks of opportunity while charging the target of her challenge. This bonus increases by 1 for every 4 levels the cavalier has. If the cavalier already has the Ride-By Attack feat, this dodge bonus increases by 2."
 60ページ—When using the genie-touched companion feat to take an istaheq, make the following adjustments. An istaheq companion’s natural armor bonus is +2 higher than the bonus of a typical horse, not +10. An istaheq companion’s steadfast ability grants a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against mind-affecting and fear effects rather than a +4 bonus.
パスファインダー・キャンペーン・セッティング:Rival Guide
 35ページ—Replace all references to Will saves in the text of the staggering fall spell with Fortitude saves.


パスファインダーRPG:Advanced Class Guide
 60ページ—To take a blessing, a warpriest must worship a deity who offers the domain of the same name.
パスファインダーRPG:Advanced Player’s Guide
 46ページ—The oracle of bones revelation summons a single Medium humanoid skeleton or zombie with a number of Hit Dice equal to your oracle level. This ability does not require a body. You may summon a bloody skeleton or fast zombie at 7th level, even though these variants are not normally legal options.
 201ページ—In organized play, alchemical allocation can be used to avoid consumption of potions and elixirs with a price of up to 150 gp × the caster level of the alchemical allocation extract (to a maximum of 1,000 gp).
 201ページ—加盟プレイにおいては、 アルケミカル・アロケーション は、50gp×アルケミカル・アロケーションのエキスの術者レベルの市価(最大で1,000gp)までのポーションまたはエリクサーの消費を無視するために使用することができる。
 246ページ—A character who receives spiritual ally as a bonus spell (such as an oracle mystery spell or witch patron spell) may use her primary spellcasting ability score in place of her Wisdom score when calculating the spell’s attack bonus.
パスファインダーRPG:Advanced Race Guide
 85ページ—In the incorruptible racial trait, replace "cast corruption resistance against evil" with "cast corruption resistance to protect against effects that harm good creatures.
パスファインダーRPG:Adventurer’s Guide
 10ページ—An asavir’s thunderous charge does not trip the asavir or her mount.
 14ページ—When using spices, you may assume you started eating them any number of days before the beginning of the adventure.
 16ページ—For the Improved Forceful Charge feat, the force of the bull rush attempt itself is what allows for the trip maneuver; the target does not need to be within the animal companion’s reach at the end of the bull rush. For resolving any secondary attacks of the trip such as greater trip, use the target’s final position after the bull rush.
 23ページ—A rostland bravo treats an Aldori dueling sword as a light or one-handed piercing weapon for the purpose of all swashbuckler class abilities.
 23ページ—Replace the last sentence of the sweeping wind feint ability with the following, "Once per round, after she reduces an opponent to 0 or fewer hit points, she can attempt to feint an opponent as a swift action."
 26ページ—Sirian’s masterstroke functions against opponents that you have successfully feinted against via a melee attack on the same round.
 27ページ—The phrase "or similar effects" in Aldori alacrity means effects that specifically say that they do not stack with haste.
 27ページアルドリ・アラクリティの「または同様の効果」というフレーズは、 ヘイストと累積しないことを具体的に示す効果を意味する。
 27ページ—The spell contest of skill can only be cast on enemies, not allies.
 27ページ—The spell tactical adaptation does not stack with other effects that grant temporary feats, such as martial flexibility and paragon surge.
 45ページ—Sparkle smoke fills a 10-foot radius and persists for 1 hour.
 53ページ—When using shrinewalk, the caster level of the word of recall effect is equal to the number of levels the character has in the class that granted the rogue talent.
 58ページ—A runic focus cannot be enchanted. It orbits the wearer’s head like an ioun stone, but cannot be socketed in a wayfinder, implanted, or otherwise removed from orbit.
 62ページ—The rune of charity cannot be used to help PCs. It only applies if you are directly assisting an NPC (for example, defending an NPC from creatures that are attacking him).

 74ページ—A scion of Talmandor can use Talmandor’s gift once per day.
 76ページ—An eagle knight’s dress uniform allows the wearer to attempt an Escape Artist check to free himself as an immediate action on the round in which he is first grappled or restrained, rather than every round for the duration of the effect.
 82ページ—A masked maiden’s starting Gray Maiden plate sells for 14 gp.
 84ページ—The Craft (alchemy) DC to create scarsalve is 20.
 95ページ—Infernal arcana’s replacement of the summon monster I class feature refers to the entire class feature, including the upgraded summon spells that the summoner would receive as he levels up.
 102ページ—The level requirement for a student of perfection refers to the character’s monk level rather than his overall character level.
 105ページ—A winding path renegade selects one of the three mystery options.
 107ページ—For the purpose of the monastic warden, "a site sacred to the wielder" means a site sacred to the wielder’s deity or the Grand Lodge in Absalom.
 110ページ—A Lantern Bearer’s favored enemy stacks with levels in other classes that grant favored enemy as follows. Whenever a Lantern Bearer selects a favored enemy that she has previously selected, she increases the bonus by +2. For example, a 5th level ranger might have favored enemy +4 against aberrations and +2 against animals. After taking two levels in Lantern Bearer, she could increase her bonus against either aberrations or animals to +6 or +4, respectively, or she could select a new favored enemy to receive a +2 bonus against.
 114ページ—The Craft (alchemy) DC to create lantern honey is 25.
 121ページ—The embody mask ability does not grant protective aura. A druid may only emulate an outsider whose CR is less than her character level.
 140ページ—For the esoteric magic ability, when determining the spell level of a spell that the PC could not cast with her base spellcasting class, use the spellcasting hierarchy from page 21 of the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide.
 140ページ—秘伝の魔術能力については、PCが基本の呪文発動クラスで発動できなかった呪文の呪文レベルを決定するとき、Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guideの21ページのspellcasting hierarchyを使用する。
 148ページ—A wayfinder of hidden strength can slot one ioun stone. It cannot slot cracked or flawed stones.
 157ページ—Remove the alignment restriction from mantis zealot.
 157ページ— 蟷螂崇拝者から属性の制限を取り除く。
 160ページ—The duration of boneflense is 1 round/level or until discharged, and the spell deals 1d6 points of piercing damage per caster level (maximum 10d6).
 164ページ—A Rivethun emissary selects eidolon evolutions from the unchained summoner (Pathfinder RPG Pathfinder Unchained 34), not the Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player’s Guide.
 164ページ—リヴェスン・エミセリーはPathfinder RPG Advanced Player’s Guideのサモナーではなく、アンチェインド・サモナー(Pathfinder RPG Pathfinder Unchained 34ページ)から幻獣の進化を選択する。
 165ページ—The DC of the parley ability is 12+ the Rivethun emissary’s Charisma modifier.
 167ページ—For the purposes of its hexes, a spirit phantom’s effective shaman level is equal to the spiritualist’s level.
 168ページ—The Craft (alchemy) DC to create anderos salve and mulibrious tincture is 20. Note that PCs may transition between genders and/or change their gender presentation without cost in Pathfinder Society.
 168ページ—The Craft (alchemy) DC to create phantom ash is 20.
 172ページ—An argent dramaturge can start an argent performance as a swift action starting at 7th level.
 177ページ—The net that a devil catcher creates has 10 hardness and 20 hit points.
 182ページ—A storm dreamer’s Gozreh’s domain ability grants the standard domain, not a subdomain. Instead of replacing spirit surge, Gozreh’s Domain replaces taboo and spirit mastery and modifies spirit surge as follows. Storm dreamers cannot use their spirit surge to add a die to failed d20 rolls, but they can still use it for spirit powers.
 182ページ—嵐の夢想者のゴズレーの領域能力は、副領域ではなく標準的な領域を与える。ゴズレーの領域は霊の活性を置き換える代わりに、禁忌と霊体得を置き換え、霊の活性を次のように変更する。嵐の夢想者は失敗したd20ロールにダイスを追加するために霊の活性を使用することは出来ないが、依然としてspirit powersに使用することはできる。
 183ページ—Remove the alignment restriction from tempest druid.
 133ページ—Treat a raven familiar’s Skill Focus (Perception) feat as a bonus feat when determining which feats can be substituted for Extra Item Slot.
パスファインダーRPG:Bestiary 6
 312ページ—The elasmotherium animal companion’s powerful charge ability deals an amount of damage equal to 2d8 + twice its Strength modifier.
 134ページ—Treat the prerequisite for the Spell Mastery feat as though it read "able to prepare 1st-level arcane spells or prepare 1st-level extracts." As appropriate, treat any wizard-specific language in the feat as though it referenced the equivalent language for any qualifying class (e.g. "formula book" or "familiar" instead of "spellbook" or "extract" instead of "spell").
 348ページ—A character who receives spiritual weapon as a bonus spell (such as an oracle mystery spell or witch patron spell) may use her primary spellcasting ability score in place of her Wisdom score when calculating the spell’s attack bonus.
パスファインダーRPG:Occult Adventures
 96ページ—In the reanimated medium archetype, remove the second paragraph of channel self.
 104ページ—At the start of an adventure, the amnesiac counts the spells she knew at the end her previous adventure as the spells she knew the previous day for the purposes of determining which spells she retains. Determine which spells you retain at the end of an adventure and record the retained spells on your Chronicle Sheet. Have the GM initial the list of retained spells.
パスファインダーRPG:Pathfinder Unchained
 16ページ—A monk must be at least 18th level before selecting the empty body ki power.
パスファインダーRPG:Planar Adventures
 17ページ—A planar scout chooses a specific plane with her planar terrains ability, rather than a customized feature of planar geography.
 25ページ—When you divert an attack to yourself with Archon Diversion, it does not automatically hit you; instead, it targets your AC.
 27ページ—The staggered effect from Diabolic Style is a mind-affecting effect.
 28ページ—If you have more than one tail, select one tail to receive the benefits of Grasping Tail and all feats that list it as a prerequisite.
 33ページ—Spells that do not require an attack roll to hit or allow a saving throw to resist cannot be affected with Tumultuous Spell. A creature affected by a tumultuous spell stops before walking into a square that it knows is intrinsically dangerous, such as a pit or a wall of fire.
 38ページ—Characters who travel to a plane with anywhere but here and do not have plane shift or another means of reliably returning to Golarion may spend 5 PP at the end of the adventure to be returned to the Grand Lodge.
 44ページ—For the planewarp option in the quintessence mastery spell, use the standard rules for determining a spell’s level as specified in the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide.
 46ページ—Billowing armor makes its wearer immune to constriction, which refers to damage dealt by the constrict ability.
 46ページ—Cotraveling armor cannot be used to travel to extradimensional spaces.
 47ページ—Replace the middle of the last sentence of Purgatory’s cowl with "the wearer can draw upon the departed creature’s essence to treat her level as 2 higher for spells..."
 53ページ—A briar bomb’s duration is one minute.
パスファインダーRPG:Ultimate Combat
 103ページ—Gunsmithing does not grant the ability to craft firearms, ammunition, or black powder. Rather, it allows the purchase of bullets, pellets, black powder, and alchemical cartridges (with 1 rank in Craft [alchemy]) at the listed price, but does not grant a discount on the purchase of any firearm. Resold items gained through this feat are worth half the actual cost paid, not half the regular market value for the item. No PC can purchase a gun without this feat, even if they possess the Amateur Gunslinger or Exotic Weapon Proficiency (firearm) feats.
 104ページ—A cavalier of 4th level or higher may take the Horse Master feat, ignoring the prerequisite of the expert trainer class feature. As per the cavalier’s entry in Additional Resources, all cavaliers who would normally gain the expert trainer feature instead gain Skill Focus (Handle Animal). A cavalier who trades out expert trainer for another class feature as part of an archetype cannot take the Horse Master feat.
パスファインダーRPG:Ultimate Equipment
 75ページ—A wrist sheath can hold one forearm-length item. In addition to the listed examples, wrist sheaths can be used to store and deploy potions and scrolls. They cannot hold rods.
パスファインダーRPG:Ultimate Magic
 233ページ—The Target line of raise animal companion should read "dead animal companion, familiar, or bonded mount." Note that this spell cannot raise creatures who cannot be revived with raise dead, such as outsiders.
パスファインダーRPG:Ultimate Wilderness
 25ページ—If you purchase a breezeblown dandelion, refer to the magic plant clarifications for page 247.
 36ページ—The light modifications from eclipsing rage apply after ambient and nonmagical sources, but at the same time as spells and magical light sources (including supernatural and spell-like abilities). Its effective spell level is equal to one-third of the barbarian’s level.
 45ページ—A saurian champion may select any dinosaur animal companion that would be available to a druid.
 55ページ—A scarab stalker’s crocodile sacred animal focus grants a +8 bonus on Swim checks at 15th level.
 66ページ—The duration of a geomancer’s terrain stride ability is 1 hour.
 69ページ—The range of a treesoul’s transform wood ability is touch.
 74ページ—A toxic herbalist’s grim harvest ability allows her to make only the poisons listed under the always available list in the Additional Resources entry for Ultimate Equipment. At 10th level, she may also make wyvern poison with this ability. At 12th level, she may also make black lotus and deathblade with this ability. At 14th level, she may also make dragonbile with this ability.
 84ページ—The bacchanal skald’s fermented fruit counts as a serving of alcohol for the purposes of other abilities that interact with alcohol.
 95ページ—Unlike a typical swashbuckler, an arrow champion does not regain panache from critical hits.
 109ページ—Characters with the crashing wave style feat chain may benefit from its effects once per round, even if they perform multiple drag or reposition manuevers in the same round.
 145ページ—The confusion effect from red bedlam poison lasts until the poison is cured or until its duration ends.
 188ページ—The second to last sentence of the precocious companion’s perspicacious mind ability should end "It instead gains a +2 bonus to its Intelligence score and at +4 bonus to both its Wisdom and Charisma scores."
 201ページ—The mole familiar’s damage line says 1-4 damage. This represents 1d1-4—that is, it would require a +4 bonus on its damage roll to deal lethal damage.
 242ページ—A hydration backpack does not deliver liquid quickly enough to allow you to consume potions, extracts, mutagens, or other liquids that grant mechanical benefits.
 243ページ—A goblin fishing lure may be used on Day Job checks. Roll the 25% chance to lose the lure after receiving its benefits on the Day Job check.
 244ページ—A tanner’s kit may be used on one Day Job check, after which point its materials are expended.
 247ページ—If you purchase a magic plant, you begin each scenario with you have the maximum number of fruits, leaves, seeds, or other plant parts that the plant can produce at any one time, or one day’s production if there is no listed maximum. These last for the duration of the scenario. If you transport the plant along with you, it still provides all of the listed benefits during the adventure.
 251ページ—A character must wear a coat of mist continuously for 24 hours before he can activate its abilities.
パスファインダーRPG:Villain Codex
 80ページ—When using the Balor Whip feat, note the following, pulled from the text of a blog from the design team, "If you’re using a weapon with the trip special feature, and you’re attempting a drag or reposition combat maneuver (Advanced Player’s Guide 321-322), you may apply the weapon’s bonuses to the roll because trip weapons are also suitable for dragging and repositioning."
 80ページ—《バロールの鞭》特技を使用する際、デザイン・チームのブログから引用した以下の内容に注意すること。「もし君が足払い特性を持つ武器を使用している場合、そして引きずりあるいは位置ずらしの戦技(Advanced Player’s Guide 321~322)を試みている場合、足払い武器は引きずりあるいは位置ずらしにも適しているため、武器のボーナスを適用することができる。」
 104ページ—At 20th level, an oracle with the ascetic mystery gains perfect self, as the 20th-level monk ability from the Core Rulebook.
 104ページ—20レベルの時点で、禁欲の神秘を持つオラクルは「即身成道」を得る。これはCore Rulebookに掲載された20レベルのモンクが得る能力と同様に扱う。
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