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軽装鎧 市価 防具/盾
重量 容量 消費
Neraplast armor 1,200 GP +2 +8 0 5% 30 ft. 20 ft. 5 lbs. 24 1 charge

Neraplast armor Neraplast armor

出典 Pathfinder #85: Fires of Creation 60ページ
市価 1,200GP;タイプ 軽装鎧;重量 5ポンド;AC +2;最大【敏】 +8;ペナルティ 0;秘術呪文失敗確率 5%;移動速度(30フィート) 30フィート;移動速度(20フィート) 20フィート;容量 24;消費 1チャージ
 This lightweight, formfitting bodysuit features a variety of pockets, straps, and a built-in interface for automatically adjusting the various colors and patterns on its fabric. Selecting a color or pattern is a full-round action that consumes 1 charge and provokes an attack of opportunity. Capable of cycling through dozens of hues, the armor can even be used to adopt sophisticated camouflage patterns that grant a +3 competence bonus on Stealth checks. Whenever the wearer enters a terrain of significantly different coloration and background patterns, the armor must be recalibrated to its current area to maintain this bonus.


単純武器 市価 ダメージ
クリティカル 射程 容量 消費 重量 タイプ1 特殊
Neural inhibitor 2,400 gp 1d6 1d6 x2 10 see text 2 lbs. B

Neural inhibitor Neural inhibitor

出典 Pathfinder #85: Fires of Creation 60ページ
市価 2,400gp; タイプ light melee; 習熟 simple; ダメージ(中型) 1d6[殴打]; ダメージ(小型) 1d6[殴打]; クリティカル ×2; 射程 —; 消費 本文参照; 特殊 ―; 重量 2ポンド
 While powered down, this sturdy, 2-foot truncheon functions as a light mace. Once it is activated (this is a swift action that consumes 1 charge), a high-density power core housed in the weapon’s head generates a high-pitched whine that causes momentary disorientation in a creature struck. Each time the weapon hits a target, it consumes 1 charge and the creature struck must succeed at a DC 12 Fortitude save or suffer trauma to its central nervous system. For 1 round, a creature that fails its saving throw takes a –1 penalty on attack rolls, skill checks, and Will saving throws, as well as a –4 penalty on concentration checks. The duration of this effect stacks with multiple hits from the neural inhibitor. This is a mind-affecting effect.


軍用武器 市価 ダメージ
クリティカル 射程 容量 消費 重量 タイプ1 特殊
Starfall spade 8,620GP 特殊 特殊 x2 10 本文参照 12 lbs. 特殊 本文参照

Starfall spade Starfall spade

出典 Pathfinder #89: Palace of Fallen Stars 63ページ
市価 8,620gp; タイプ two-handed melee; 習熟 martial; ダメージ(中型) 特殊; ダメージ(小型) 特殊; クリティカル ×2; 射程 —; 消費 10; 特殊 本文参照; 重量 12ポンド
 Aura moderate evocation; CL 7th

 The Technic League produces these unusual weapons as signature tools for the guards of Starfall and the Palace of Fallen Stars. A Starfall spade is a +1/+1 monk’s spadeUE and has a capacity of 10 charges. When the weapon strikes a foe, it automatically consumes a charge and deals an additional 2 points of plasma damage (1 electricity, 1 fire) on that hit. Attack that miss don’t consume charges. A crystal button on the shaft allows for a secondary attack: a beam of plasma that fires from the forked tip of the spade. This beam is a ranged touch attack that deals 4d6 points of plasma damage (half electricity, half fire) on a hit—it has a maximum range of 40 feet with no range increment. Firing this plasma beam consumes 10 charges.

〈製作〉 DC26;コスト 4,620GP
《科学技術武器防具作成》軍事研究所、scorching ray、shocking grasp

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