Hidden Through Time

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Found you! Find An Objective 30
It's right there! Find Ten Objectives 40
Those are rookie numbers! Find Twenty Five Objectives 40
You think your objectives are safe? Find Fifty Objectives 70
I will find them! Find One Hundred Objectives 70
Sweeped Find All Objectives OfAMap 30
Map Scanner Find All Objectives Of Five Maps 40
Ten Times Tracker Find All Objectives Of Ten Maps 40
Fifteen Fully Found Find All Objectives Of Fifteen Maps 40
Compulsive Searcher Find All Objectives Of All Maps 70
We've struck rock! Find All Cavemen Objectives 70
It's good to find the King. Find All Medieval Objectives 70
Track like an Egyptian. Find All Egyptian Objectives 70
It's high noon Find All Western Objectives 70
Part of the community. Complete An Online Map 30
Online Tracking Complete Five Online Maps 40
Under the Firewall Complete Ten Online Maps 40
Deep Web Searcher Complete Twenty Five Online Maps 70
Online Search Engine Complete Fifty Online Maps 70

  • Part of the community.
  • Online Tracking
  • Under the Firewall
  • Deep Web Searcher
  • Online Search Engine


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