Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends






Tournament Novice Beat Tournament of Legends with 6 Characters 20
Tournament Veteran Beat Tournament of Legends with 12 Characters 40
Tournament Champion Beat Tournament of Legends with 20 Characters 60
Valley Dweller Play 4 Different Levels 20
Wandering Warrior Play 8 Different Levels 40
Master Traveler Play 12 Different Levels 60
Level Zero Complete all Tutorial Lessons 40
Practice Makes Awesome Play Practice 40
Skadoosh Use an Awesome Attack 40
No Charge for Awesomeness Use 20 Different Awesome Attacks 60
Last Master Standing Win 10 Stock Matches 40
Points Taken Win 10 Timed Matches 20
Kung Fu'd It Win 5 King of Kung Fu Matches 20
Master of Inner Peace Win 5 Master of Inner Peace Matches 40
Hunger for Justice Win 5 All You Can Eat Matches 40
Strength in Numbers Win 10 Matches in Team Play 30
Oh Your Tenders KO 1000 Opponents 40
Match Master Win 50 Matches 40
Unstoppable Force Win 100 Matches 40
True Mastery Win 200 Matches 40
No Charge for Attractiveness Check out a Fighter in the Character Bio 40
First Step to Awesomeness Win an Online Match 40
The Student Becomes the Teacher Reach Instructor Mantis Online Ranking 30
The Teacher Becomes the Master Reach Master Mantis Online Ranking 60
Master Panda Reach Master Panda Online Ranking 60

  • Match Master
  • Unstoppable Force
  • True Mastery
2コンを用意してversus matchをライフ1で開始、1コン側でひたすら勝ち続ければ良い。


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