Curious Expedition


Out of the way! Blow up 50 mountains 10
The Reanimator Revive 10 trek members at altars 10
Beyond the gate Stay inside a portal for 100 days 10
Auctioneer Sell items worth 100000 funds 10
This belongs in a museum Donate items worth 100000 fame 10
Chocolate addict Eat 500 chocolate rations 10
Entomologist Collect 50 butterflies 10
Art Collector Collect 50 paintings 10
Anthropologist Collect 50 anthropological studies 10
Bring shovels! Find and dig up 10 treasures 10
Curious Explorer Unlock 13 explorers 10
A good heart is hard to find Finish at least third place without your standing ever dropping below zero 10
Party Train Have at least 3 members of your trek be alcoholics 10
Fight fire with fire Blow up an active volcano with dynamite 10
Triple Trouble How many abominations can you handle? 10
Fame without fortune Finish at least third place without selling anything 10
Trippy Trip Finish at least third place using no sanity item other than coca leaves 10
Abort! Abort! Use your hot air balloon to escape an expedition 10
Adventure awaits! Survive the tutorial 10
No new friends Finish at least third place and recruit nobody at the harbor or villages 10
History will forget you Finish a full game in 3rd place 10
Second winner is first loser Finish a full game in 2nd place 60
And here is your statue Finish a full game in 1st place 160
Dedicated Explorer Obtain 19 golden frames 10
Obsessive Explorer Obtain 19 platinum frames 60
A collector of sorts Find all items 60
World 2 Reach World 2 10
World 3 Reach World 3 10
World 4 Reach World 4 10
World 5 Reach World 5 10
World 6 Reach World 6 60
Adventurous Spirit Succeed in 100 expeditions. 60
Interdimensional traveler Travel through 20 portals 10
Xenophil Recruit 20 natives 10
Special Visit Visit 5 different special regions 10
Dinotopia Recruit 20 dinosaurs 10
I just can't say no Complete 20 harbor quests 10
Snarfrattle must die Hunt down and kill the legendary hyena 10
Legendary Headbutt a raptor 10
Nope! Flee 10 times from combat 10
Hyena Hunter Kill 100 hyenas 10
Liberator Defeat a slave trader and free the slaves 10
Crocodile Dundee Kill 20 crocodiles 10
Giant giant chicken dinner Kill 10 giant birds 10
There is no weak spot Kill a giant crab 10
Scorpion King Kill 10 giant scorpions 10
Treasure Hunter Obtain 100 treasure items 10
Arachnophobia Kill 20 giant spiders 10
Breeder Hatch 10 eggs 10
Walrus hunter Kill 10 giant walruses 10

Corrupted King Find the unholy blood crown 10
Secret Session Finish at least third place with a secret explorer 10
Hungry Heart True lovers don't eat their loved ones 10
Schroedingers Box I just want to make sure the cat is fine 10
Cold Companion Find an extraordinary friend 10
A tribute to Yama Return what belongs to an altar 10
Made for battle Obtain a rare creature from the beast master 10
What lies beneath A chalice awaits beyond the face 10
Pattern recognition There is something to find in every region 10
Ballooning Seeing London from above 10


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