I and Me


The Wind of Spring Start a new journey 40
The Rain of Summer Unlock Chapter 2 80
The Leaf of Autumn Unlock Chapter 3 80
The Snow of Winter Unlock Chapter 4 80
Pastorale Symphony Finish Chapter 1 80
The Garden of Words Finish Chapter 2 80
Strings Finish Chapter 3 80
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Finish Chapter 4 80
The Hedgehog Legion In Level 1-14, survive for 15 seconds among the Hedgehog Legion 80
No lighting In Level 4-4, get through without using oil lanterns 80
You jump, I jump Jump a total of 2000 times 80
The Dream Monologue Read all the scattered letters, unlock the hidden barrier 80
Awaken From The Dream Unlock all the levels 80


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