The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game


  • 各実績の攻略法

Master of Poultry Complete Training Dojo 10
Master of Missiles Complete Location 1 - Ninjago City North 10
Master of Regret Complete Location 2 - Ninjago City Beach 10
Master of Forgiveness Complete Location 3 - Ninjago City Docks 10
Master of the Fallen Complete Location 4 - The Uncrossable Jungle 10
Master of Shortcuts Complete Location 5 - The Dark Ravine 10
Master of Dance Complete Location 6 - The Lost City of Generals 10
Master of Stairs Complete Location 7 - The Unclimbable Mountain 50
Master of Beasts Complete Location 8 - Ninjago City Downtown 10
Master of Ninjago Complete All Story Locations 50
Master of Destruction Destroy Ninjago City 20
Master of Subordinates Defeat Dojo Master - General#1 10
Master of Machines Defeat Dojo Master - General Cryptor 10
Master of Mystery Defeat Dojo Master - Morro 10
Master of Serpents Defeat Dojo Master - Pythor P .Chumsworth 10
Master of Time Defeat Dojo Master - Acronix and Krux 10
Master of Noodles Defeat Dojo Master - Master Chen 10
Master of the Sky Defeat Dojo Master - Nadakhan 10
Master of Stone Defeat Dojo Master - General Kozu 10
Master of Challenges Achieve Gold Medal status on each Challenge Dojo 50
Master of Elements Master your first Elemental Power 10
Student of Disguise Collect a Character Token 10
Master of Disguise Collect all Character Tokens 10
Student of Speed Complete a Race 10
Student of Exploration Complete a Side Quest 10
Master of Exploration Complete all Side Quests 10
Student of Creation Complete a Tornado of Creation Build 10
Master of Creation Complete all Tornado of Creation Builds 10
Student of the Red Arts Collect an Ancient Scroll 10
Master of the Red Arts Collect all Ancient Scrolls 50
Novice of The Golden Art Collect 5 Gold Bricks 10
Student of The Golden Art Collet 50 Gold Bricks 10
Apprentice of The Golden Art Collect 100 Gold Bricks 10
Master of The Golden Art Collect 150 Gold Bricks 50
Glans Master of The Golden Art Collect 200 Gold Bricks 50
Master of Completion Achieve 100% Completion 100
Master of Customisation Create a Custom Character 10
Novice of Collection Attain True Ninja Rank 1 50
Student of Collection Attain True Ninja Rank 10 10
Master of Collection Attain True Ninja Rank 20 10
Student of Upgrades Spend a Ninjanuity Token to purchase a Combat Upgrade 10
Master of Upgrades Collect all Ninjanuity Tokens 10
Master of the Skyward Dragon Use The Art of The Skyward Dragon 20 Times 10
Master of Triple Digits Reach a x100 Combo chain 10
Master of the Arena Play your first Ninjago Battle Arena match 50
Master of Mods Play each game mode in the Ninjago Battle Arenas 50
Master of Power Use every powerup in the Ninjago Battle Arenas 50
Master of Mirrors Play as any Ninja and their Classic variant in the same party 10
Master of Human Resources Defeat 20 Shark Army goons as Lord Garmadon in one session 10
Master of Speed Complete all Races 10


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