項目数:42 (27 + 6 + 4 + 5)
総ポイント:1500 (1000 + 220 + 125 + 155)

Snake Charmer Saviour of the Underworld 25
Twin Slayer Saviour of the Middleworld 50
Bird Beater Saviour of Kalimba 75
Explorer You found all challengerooms 10
Bling Bling You got a golden totem piece 10
Gold Digger Achieved an all golden Underworld totem 25
Bonanza Achieved an all golden Middleworld totem 50
Kalimba in the sky Achieved an all golden Upperworld totem 75
The Midas Touch Your totem pole is all gold 100
Undying Defeated a boss without dying 50
The Friendship test Achieved a golden coop totem piece 25
True Friends Achieved an all golden coop totem pole 100
The Bouncing Achievement Completed the Bouncing room 10
The Color Achievement Completed the Color room 10
I like turtles! Completed the Gravity room 10
The Fragile Achievement Completed the Fragile room 10
The Freezing Achievement Completed the Freezing room 10
The Precision Achievement Completed the Precision room 10
The Floating Achievement Completed the Floating room 10
The Challenging Achievement Completed the Challenging room 10
The Achieving Achievement Completed all the rooms 25
There's no place like Metaspace Got a score higher than 50 in a Metaspace 25
Illuminati Assembled the menu pyramid 25
Split Totemality Completed all coop levels in Shorthanded mode 100
That Eighties Feel You completed the game in ol'school mode 100
Supersecret The arm that held the totem also held the achievement 25
That's right! Completed a level without dying and always pressing right on the joypad 25

M-M-M-Monsterkill Killed 50 seekers 20
Faster than a Shaman Set a time in all levels in Puma Mode 50
Like a rockstar Tumbled into an end level totempiece 10
¡Cuidado! ¡Llamas! Completed a game of Llama 20
Meep Meep Beat any Hoebear time in Puma Mode 20
Perfect Spiritual Harmony Got a gold totem in every level. Finished Shorthanded, Old Skool and Puma mode. 100

Totem poles everywhere! Achieved an all golden The Dark Void Solo totempole 75
Who's a perky log now! Completed the Dark Void 20
Secret Dance Party Found the secret spot in "Jamarly" 20
Plot Twist! Discovered the Dark Void 10

A mighty Friend Ship Achieved an all golden The Dark Void Coop Totempole 75
The Friendship Has Sailed Completed the Dark Void co-op 20
You... Yes, you! Squashed the seeker in "Jeffmoldblum" 20
KAPOW Squashed 12 seekers at once 20
Déjà vu Played through "DJ Steelface" twice, in one go, without dying 20

Golden Totem関係
全アイテムを取り、なおかつ死なずにクリアすればそのステージはGolden Totemになる。

That's right!


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