Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator



Mic Drop Win your first argument. 50
I Know Insults! Play the basic tutorial. 50
Learn The Meaning of Life Complete the Insulting Tournament. 100
It's Getting Crowded Unlock two additional characters. 50
M-M-M-M-ONSTER INSULT Take 50 honour points off your opponent in a single insult. 50
The B Word Compose a phrase with "Your country is not a part of Europe". 50
Don't Tell a Soul Unlock a secret character. 50
Classic Compose a phrase with "Your mother is your father". 50
What Are You Doing in England? Compose a phrase with "Your mother was a hamster". 50
Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook Compose a phrase with "Your hovercraft is full of eels". 50
It Gets Boring After An Hour Play more than 100 duels. 100
Sparking Controversy Compose a phrase with "Your son died because of your sins!". 50
How Do You Do, Fellow Kids? Compose a phrase with "You still use Windows Vista". 50
No, You Are Compose a phrase with "You are silly". 50
It's Elementary Compose a phrase with "A duck hunter probably murdered this poor man". 50
Say No More Compose a phrase with "Your wife is interested in photography". 50
The Number of The Beast Mention Satan 6 times. 100


  • Don't Tell a Soul
トーナメントの最終ステージである「The Afterlife」がシングル対戦でも使えるようになる。

  • 特定の文章を完成させろ系実績


"Your mother / was / a hamster" - ステージ「Pet Shop」限定?
"Your son / died because of / your sins" - ステージ「The Afterlife」限定?
"A duck hunter / probably murdered / this poor man" - ステージ「By The Lake」限定

  • It Gets Boring After An Hour
「先攻は即Bボタン(文章は空でよい) → 後攻はタイムオーバーペナルティで敗北するまで何もせず放置」


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