Gaijin Charenji 1:Kiss or Kill


True lover get maximum positiv karma 119
Serial killer get a maximum negativ karma 1
I hate gamers be damned 1
Killer Forever end game with negative karma 1
Love Maker End game with positiv karma 198
Dark Side Choose Kill at character select screen 10
Good side Choose Kiss at character selected screen 20
I'm so sorry Reset your karma 20
Maxi Combo make a 50 hit combo 30
Stronger than hell score more than 66 666 in story mode 50
Do I know you ? choose a playerTag with "tahiti" or "flair" 10
Dad, I love you look at the credit 10
Here we go to the movies find secret room 1 20
what the .... find secret room 2 20
I'm a fly lover finish the fly level 20
It's look like something I Know first GPR style level 20
Love rx79 project first level in rx78 style 20
Monochrome first level in GB style 20
A dictator need love too kiss the dictator boss 20
Bloody brain Kill the brain Boss 20
Kiss the monster Kiss hunter boss 20
Bye bye oldies Kill the GB boss 20
Love oldies Kiss the GB Boss 20
Glitch ?! Play glitch level 20
Is it possible ? Have a negative score 10
SpeedRunner Finish the game in the good way with at least 180 seconds remaining 50
Not that one Change playertag thirteen times 20
Wonderfull !!! An hidden game mode Play survival mode 20
Beat the beast Score more than 666 in survival mode 20
It's over 2000 Score more than 2000 in survival mode 30
"Nobody is gonna hit as hard as life" Rocky Score more than 10 000 in survival mode 100
I kiss... kill you Make a kiss then kill an enemy 20
I kill... kiss you Shoot on an enemy then make him lover 20


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