Active Neurons - Puzzle game


White neuron Charge the first neuron 70
Blue neuron Charge the second neuron 70
Yellow neuron Charge the third neuron 70
Sea neuron Charge the fourth neuron 70
Pink neuron Charge the fifth neuron 70
Purple neuron Charge the sixth neuron 70
Green neuron Charge the seventh neuron 70
Super neuron Charge the eighth neuron 70
Brain Charge the brain 100
Hazard Destroy the dangerous square 40
Dynamic Hazard Destroy the moving dangerous square 40
Door Open the door 40
Dangerous door Open the dangerous door 40
Teleport Teleporting 40
Glass wall Smash not a dangerous object 40
Inertia Push inert object 40
Inert teleport Teleport inert object 40
Help Use the solution 20


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