Rogue Legacy



Atelophobia Choose a hero with no traits. 5
Aurophilia Open your very first gold chest. 15
Bibliophilia Read the last journal entry. 15
Biophobia Die 20 times or more. 15
Cainotophilia Have one rune equipped in every item slot. 15
Coulrophilia Beat one of the clown's games at least once. 30
Decidophobia Put at least one point in every skill in the manor. 30
Disposophobia Find all blueprints (purchase not necessary). 90
Gnosiophilia Find all the runes (purchase not necessary). 50
Gymnophobia Have one piece of equipment in every item slot. 15
Plutophobia Reach level 50 or higher. 15
Rhabdophilia Earn your very first Enchantress rune. 5
Somniphobia Play the game for at least 20 hours 30
Zoophobia Defeat all the minibosses. 30
Thanatophobia WITHOUT using the Architect, complete the game dying 15 times or less 100
Alektorophobia Kill a chicken. 5

Barophobia Use the special class at least once. 15
Ommetaphobia Defeat the boss in Castle Hamson. 15
Phasmophobia Defeat the boss in the Forest Abkhazia. 15
Pyrophobia Defeat the boss in the Maya. 30
Blennophobia Defeat the boss in the Land of Darkness. 30
Paterphobia Defeat the last boss. 90
Geminiphobia Beat the game… twice. 50
Syngenesophobia Defeat the brothers. 100
Chemophobia Defeat the trademarked chemical. 40
Ostiophobia Defeat the son. 40
Scotomaphobia Defeat the doppleganger. 40
Astrophobia Defeat the asteroids. 40
Katagelasticism Mock the traitor. 30


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