Redout: Lightspeed Edition


VANGUARD Obtain the Class 1 ESA-AGR ship. 10
DRAGOON Obtain the Class 4 ESA-AGR ship. 40
CENTAUR Obtain the Class 1 Koeniggswerth ship. 10
ODIN Obtain the Class 4 Koeniggswerth ship. 40
QAREEN Obtain the Class 1 Sulha AG ship. 10
MARID Obtain the Class 4 Sulha AG ship. 40
GILA Obtain the Class 1 Conqueror ship. 10
IINI Obtain the Class 4 Conqueror ship. 40
TAKATORA Obtain the Class 1 ASERA ship. 10
NOBUNAGA Obtain the Class 4 ASERA ship. 40
GT9 STRADALE Obtain the Class 1 Lunare Scuderia ship 10
GTX COMPETIZIONE Obtain the Class 4 Lunare Scuderia ship. 40
CHALLENGER Unlock a Class 2 ship. 20
PRO Unlock a Class 3 ship. 30
ACE Unlock a Class 4 ship. 40
TRICK UP YOUR SLEEVE Obtain an active powerup. 10
TACTICIAN Obtain all active powerups. 40
SNEAKY SNEAKY Obtain a passive powerup. 10
HIDDEN POWER Obtain all passive powerups. 40
NATURAL BORN WINNER Win your first gold medal. 30
FASTER THAN EVER Break the speed of sound. 40
HARDCORE Win a Score Endurance event. 30
CHALLENGE THE WORLD Win an online match. 30
CALLING HOUSTON Miss a landing. 10
ENLIGHTENED Win the final Career event. 50
ON A ROLL Win 3 consecutive events. 30
SHINY SHINY GOLD Win 15 Career events. 20
PILE UP TROPHIES Win 45 Career events. 40

SHOW OFF Install all upgrades on a Class 1 ship. 50
TUNING MANIAC Install all upgrades on a Class 4 ship. 50
BETTER THAN EVER Win a platinum medal. 50
RESPWND Explode 5 times in a single lap. 40
FLAWLESS Run a perfect lap in Score Endurance. 20
PHOTO FINISH Win a Race by less than 500ms. 20


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