Baby steps Meet the Heroes and discover their skillsets 40
Praise the resin! Taken part in weavlings' ritual. 40
Brave new world. Find your way to ancient city. 40
Not on my watch. Scare away sleeping wurms 40
Technology addicted. Watch all micro stories recorded by ancients. 60
Keep practicing! Paint a poser in village. 40
Deaf, The Artist. Paint all the views that Deaf enjoyed. 60
Blind, The Musician Play on all instruments in game. 60
In the flash of Deaf Flash all resin-powered objects in game 60

It's not just music Finish handpan puzzle. 40
Something new Power up ancient technology. 40
Caution! Very rot water Safely cross through the waterland. 40
Different levels of partnership Finish pergolas maze 40
Lost in the wild Get out of creepy jungle. 40
More weird buildings. Discover ancient ruins. 40
Kids are too lazy to walk. Finish canals puzzle. 40
Hello darkness my old friend Help Deaf to go through press machines. 40
At the edge of the tree Reach your target destination. 60
Save the tree. Detach all rotten pipes to save bastion's heart. 80
Things you wouldn't believe. We've seen things that you weavelings wouldn't believe. 60
Spammer. Have you seen what I've heard? 40


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