項目数:50 (19 + 7 + 12 + 12)
総ポイント:2500 (1000 + 500 + 500 + 500)


Training Wheels Complete all tutorial missions 50
Appreciation Read the credits 20
City Lover Complete 30 missions 70
Experienced Reach player level 20 100
Hitchhiker Complete 50 missions 100
Impatient Use 10 overtakes 30
In The Nick Of Time Complete a mission with less than 5 seconds remaining 50
Ironic Get knocked over by an Ambulance 40
No Cigar Fail a mission when you are close to the end 50
Not That Way! Use 50 u-turns 30
Perfection Complete a mission without getting out of a car 20
Resourceful Get in 3 vehicles in a single mission 100
Road Rage Complete a mission while overtaking 50
Rocket Man Use 50 boosts 50
Rookie Complete the first mission 20
Sit In The back Reach the destination in a police car 40
Tour Guide Complete 10 missions 30
Trainee Reach player level 15 50
Well Traveled Get in 100 vehicles 100
Title Update 1
Challenge Accepted Complete your first challenge 30
Challenge Master Complete 10 challenges 100
How Hard Can It Be? Complete an extreme challenge 100
Helping Hand Level up by completing a challenge 40
Nothing But Time Complete an extreme challenge with 30 seconds or more remaining 150
Bridge over troubled water Access the city expansion 50
Power Hungry Use all of the power ups in a single mission 30
Title Update 2
Safety First Be the first car in the queue at a train crossing 20
Full Seam Ahead Ride on a train 25
I Can See My House From Here Ride in a helicopter 25
Sightseeing Access a point of interest 20
Old But New Access the old town expansion 50
Freight Hopping Get off a train at the same station you got on after completing a lap of the track 50
Chasing Time Complete a time trial 30
Top Of The Class Earn a grade A rating by completing a time trial 150
All Seeing Access all points of interest 50
Holy Trinity Use a car, train and helicopter in the same mission 40
Walk In The Park Walk around the park 20
Title Update 2 秘密の実績
What The Duck See what the ducks have to say 20
Title Update 3
Day Lark Complete 5 missions during the day 30
Night Owl Complete 5 missions at night 30
Burning The Midnight Oil Play the game at midnight 25
No Fear Ride in a helicopter during a thunder storm 40
Back To The Future Use a boost during a thunder storm 40
Singing In The Rain Complete a mission in the rain 30
Double Or Nothing Complete a mission with Vincent 20
Show Me The Money Complete a mission with Mia 20
Speed Demon Complete a mission with Carl 40
Train Spotting Complete a mission with Lola 50
Diamond Geezer Complete a mission with "The Boss" 75
Patience Of A Saint Complete a mission with Eve 100

「メインメニューに戻る → ゲームを始める」とすることでスタート地点とゴール地点がランダムに設定され直される ことを利用し、簡単なミッションを選んでプレイしていくのが圧倒的に楽。

  • In The Nick Of Time / No Cigar
"No Cigar" に関しては、本当にゴールぎりぎりの位置までたどり着いていないと実績解除されないのでアイテムを使って微調整。

  • Ironic

Title Update 1

新しい区画にアクセスする(実績 "Bridge over troubled water")には要レベル15。

  • Power Hungry

Title Update 2

新しい区画にアクセスする(実績 "Old But New")には要レベル20。
ヘリポート / 駅の近くにヒッチハイカーを降ろすことで新しい乗り物が利用可能。

  • Top Of The Class

  • All Seeing
街なかに6体の像が追加されているので、それらをクリックして "Enter" を選択していく。ヒッチハイカーを像に接近させる必要はない。

  • Holy Trinity

  • Walk In The Park
ヘリから降りて "Walk" を選択し、公園を一周するのを見届けると実績解除。

  • What The Duck

Title Update 3


  • Burning The Midnight Oil

  • No Fear

  • Patience Of A Saint
最後にアンロックされるキャラ "Eve" のアンロックにはレベル35が必要。
獲得経験値を常に2倍にしてくれる "Vincent" をプレイキャラにしていくとレベルアップが早まる。

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