Overland by Finji


Proclamations Travel 1000 miles in one trip. 10
Milestones Travel 2000 miles in one trip. 20
Pacifist Clear a biome without killing anything. 20
Fill It With Dogs Drive out in a van. 10
Compensating Drive out in a truck. 10
A Strong Choice Drive out in an SUV. 10
Bartery Trade items with a camp. 10
Burglary Steal items from a camp. 10
Fumes Clear a biome without going over five fuel. 20
The Long Haul Complete the game in one trip. 20
Dog Squad Complete the game without inviting any humans. 50
The Lonely Road Complete the game without inviting anyone. 50
A Dependable Car Complete the game with your starting car. 20
Perseverance Complete the game with your first character. 20
Garbage Collector Collect every item. 20
Zoologist Find every creature. 20
It Begins Complete the introduction. 10
City Limits Clear the East Coast blockade. 10
Out of The Woods Clear the Woodlands blockade. 10

New Best Friend Invite a dog to join your party. 10
Important Give a dog some nice pats. 10
Out of Gas Escape an Out of Gas scenario. 10
Life Saver Revive a survivor. 10
Ambushed I mean, we all have regrets. 10
Overprepared Put every equipment on one person. 20
Adequately Prepared Put every attachment onto one vehicle. 20
Countdown Complete the game with Countdown enabled. 50
East Coast Expert Escape the East Coast without losing anyone. 20
The Last Campfire Reach the beach. 50
Woodlands Expert Escape the Woodlands without losing anyone. 10
Woodlands Overlook Discover a Scenic Overlook in the Woodlands. 10
Woodlands Landmark Discover the Woodlands Landmark site. 20
Through The Plains Clear the Grasslands blockade. 10
Grasslands Expert Escape the Grasslands without losing anyone. 20
Grasslands Overlook Discover a Scenic Overlook in the Grasslands. 10
Grasslands Landmark Discover the Grasslands Landmark site. 20
Over The Mountains Clear the Mountains blockade. 10
Mountains Expert Escape the Mountains without losing anyone. 20
Mountains Overlook Discover a Scenic Overlook in the Mountains. 10
Mountains Landmark Discover the Mountains Landmark site. 20
Across The Desert Clear the Desert blockade. 20
Desert Expert Escape the Desert without losing anyone. 50
Desert Overlook Discover a Scenic Overlook in the Desert. 20
Desert Landmark Discover the Desert Landmark site. 50
The End of The World Clear the Basin blockade. 20
Basin Expert Escape the Basin without losing anyone. 50
Basin Overlook Discover a Scenic Overlook in the Basin. 20
Basin Landmark Discover the Basin Landmark site. 50


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