Do your homeworks! Complete the Tutorial 5
Downtown Star Unlock all Act 1 Characters 10
The Ancient Way Unlock all Act 2 Characters 20
Welcome to the Machine Unlock all Act 3 Characters 30
It came from the Desert Unlock all Act 4 Characters 40
Powers that be Unlock all Act 5 Characters 50
Snatcher Master Unlock all Characters 100
Gone shopping Unlock a new Character 5
This ain't your Grandpa's Arcade Shooter First Game Over 5
Slaughter! Killed 100 Enemies 5
Massacre! Killed 1000 Enemies 10
Killing Spree! Killed 10000 Enemies 15
Devastation! Killed 100000 Enemies 20
Fully loaded Equipped one Skill of each type 10
Parasite's alive?! Got 5 Parasite lives 10
Who needs a Host Body? Killed 100 Enemies as Parasite 20
We came, we saw... Completed a Full Combo 10

Crossfire Beat Double Trouble 10
Give me your best shot, pal Beat the Ancient Warrior 15
Off the rails Beat Death from Above 20
The bigger they are... Beat Sandsneaks 25
Impeachment Beat Mr President 30
Black Eye of the Tiger Beat the Boxer 10
Slam Dunk! Beat the Werewolf 10
Yippie ya ye! Beat the off-duty Detective 10
The fool's idea of glory Beat the Karate Master 10
Born ready Beat the Lord of Lightning 10
Cowabunga! Beat the Techno Samurai 10
It's all in the reflexes... Beat the Truck Driver 10
Great Scott! Beat the Mad Scientist 10
It's showtime! Beat the Opera Singer 10
Dead or alive Beat the RoboEnforcer 10
Ain't got no time to bleed Beat the Alien Hunter 10
The galaxy is at peace Beat the Space Huntress 10
Too tired, maybe later Beat the Renegade 10
A tough one Beat an Elite 10
Going deeper Get the Sewers Key 5
When all else fails... Get the Crowbar 5
Did you catch the number on the locomotive? Get the Subway Ticket 5
Ignorance was bliss Get the Ancient Scroll 5
Hello Joshua Get the Secret Code 5
You're locked in here with me... Get the Cell Key 5
Mother Trucker! Get the Truck Key 5
Mama don't like tattletales Find a Secret Room 5
Showing brain Collect a Brain 5
Born in the 80s Beat HyperParasite 80
The Chosen One Completed one Act with zero snatches 5
The perfect pair Completed two Acts with zero Snatches 10
Hiding in plain sight Completed three Acts with zero Snatches 30
Now you're cooking Completed four Acts with zero Snatches 50
There can only be one! Completed all Acts with zero Snatches 100
More than meets the eye Found a Skill Spawner 15
You work on commission, right? Entered the shop as Customer of the Month 10
Need a hand? Got the hand 5
Gimme some sugar, baby Beat the Clerk Guy 10
A light in the dark Got the Flashlight 5
Who's there? Got the ID Card 5
I'm a Rocket Man Got the Microchip 5
They can't stop all of us Got the Fuel Tank 5
Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder Got the Eye 5
Super powers are not enough Beat the Superhero 10


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