項目数:37(29 + 8)
総ポイント:1185(1000 + 185)




Indivisible United in the struggle to better ourselves. 0
A New Friend Recruited a new friend to join you on your journey. 15
Shakti Research Initiate Upgraded to Attack Level 3. 15
Shakti Research Apprentice Upgraded to Attack Level 4. 30
Shakti Research Master Upgraded to Attack Level 5. 80
Raksha Research Initiate Upgraded to Defense Level 3. 15
Raksha Research Apprentice Upgraded to Defense Level 4. 30
Raksha Research Master Upgraded to Defense Level 5. 80
Unlocking One's True Potential Completed one Incarnation's Resolution quest. 30
A Drop of Potential Used an Iddhi Power for the first time. 15
An Ocean of Power Used over 108 bars of Iddhi in battle. 80
Indr's Student Successfully performed a Clean Block. 15
Indr's Pride Successfully performed 108 Clean Blocks. 80
A Sutra of Pain Achieved a combo of 108 hits or more. 15

The Adventure Begins Set out on a journey to confront the evil warlord, Ravannavar. 15
From The Frying Pan Into the Fire Reached the center of the world, the hard way. 15
Heruka, Awakened Awakened the power of Heruka, the wrathful deity. 80
Port Maerifa, Gateway to the World Arrived in the bustling town of Port Maerifa, gateway to the world. 15
Avarice in the Neon City Deposed the Crime Lord Mara and ended his insatiable greed. 20
The Queen's Delusion Stopped the Serpent Queen from sealing her citizens away from the world. 20
The Wrath of the Iron Kingdom Destroyed the Iron Kingdom's menacing war machine, MOLOCH. 20
Maha Heruka, Accepted Accepted and channeled the rage within, awakening Maha Heruka. 80
A City Most Cruel Toppled Garuda Cruel and set Tai Krung City free at last. 25
Prophecy Averted Confronted Obsidian Wind, Kaanul's self-fulfilling prophecy. 25
Washing Away the Darkness Dissolved the Slime Queen and freed Queen Mary from its clutches. 25
The Pinnacle of Loka Summited Mt. Sumeru, gateway to the heavens. 15
The Kalpa Continues Stopped Kala from resetting the world. 100
The Wheel Completed Attuned to all seven of Loka's Chakra Gates. 15
Funded! Dealt a total of 2,216,972 damage or more. 30

Razmi's Challenges:185

That wasn't supposed to happen. Beat Razmi's first platform challenge. 15
Okay, I get it, you're strong. Beat Razmi's first battle challenge. 15
Stop it already. Beat all of Razmi's platform challenges. 15
I'm running out of ideas here. Beat all of Razmi's battle challenges. 15
Okay, fine, you did it. Beat all of Razmi's challenges and made her sad but also a bit happy. 25
Aren't you tired yet? Earned an S-rank on all of Razmi's platform challenges. 25
I probably should have seen this coming. Earned an S-rank on all of Razmi's battle challenges. 25
I give up. Earned an S-rank on all of Razmi's challenges. She's done with you. 50


Shakti Research Master / Raksha Research Master


Unlocking One's True Potential




Razmi's Challenges の実績について




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