Guitar Hero Live


Triple Down Complete 3 songs in Quickplay. 10
Encore... Complete a set in GH Live. 10
Posi Finish every song of a single set with a positive crowd in GH Live. 10
Replay King Score 20,000,000 points in Quickplay. 20
Not Bad Get 100% in two songs in Quickplay on Regular difficulty. 20
Whoa! Finish every song in Quickplay or GH Live on any difficulty with 5 stars. 100
Session Musician Play with 8 different bands in GH Live. 20
Ooooh, You Fancy Get 100% in 4 songs on Expart difficulty in GH Live. 25
Let's Do This! Complete the GH Live tutorial. 10
Meet The Bands! Unlock and watch all of the band profile videos in both festival galleries in GH Live. 10
Really, Really Good Give an "Awesome" Performance in all sets in GH Live on Regular difficulty or harder. 40
You Rocked The Block Complete all of the Rock the Block stages in GH Live on any difficulty. 20
Sound Dialed In Complete all of the SoundDial stages in GH Live on any difficulty. 20
Now With More Awesome Complete 7 sets in GH Live, each with an overall "Awesome" rating, on any difficulty. 40
Piece Of Cake Complete all of GH Live on any difficulty. 30
Credit Is Due Watch the credits. Twice. To Completion. 10
Nose To The Grind Stone Play GHTV for 10 hours. 10
Pointdexter Score 100,000,000 points in GHTV. 50
OHHHH, Pretty Acquire a Player Card in GHTV. 12
Partial Universe Get 1,000 stars in GHTV by playing songs. 20
The Right Combination Get a Full Combo in a song in GHTV. 20
From Zero To Guitar Hero Unlock all Guitar Hero Live achievements. 0
Centurion Use 100 Plays in GHTV. 20
Rising Star Get 150 stars in GHTV by playing songs. 15
Touch Of Style Acquire 4 Player Cards in GHTV. 10
Excellent Constitution Finish in the top 5 of 18 consecutive On Demand songs GHTV. 18
Just A Bit Score over 30,000 points in 50 songs in GHTV. 20
Loitering Connect to GHTV 10 days in a row. 20
Power Crazy! Use a Hero Power 6 times during a song in GHTV. 50
Hero Power-ful Use Hero Powers 1,000 times in GHTV. 20
Bling Of The Road Equip 5 different Highways in GHTV. 10
Rock Expert Get 50 stars in GHTV by playing songs on Expert difficulty. 19
Power Hour Play GHTV for 60 minutes without changing the channel. 20
Nailed It Score over 500,000 points in a song in GHTV. 10
Stars Upon Stars Upon Stars Get 5 Stars in 50 songs in GHTV on any difficulty. 20
3rd Place Ain't Bad Place 3rd or above 30 times in the free GHTV channels. 10
Consistent Get a total of 25 Stars in 5 consecutive songs on free GHTV channels. 15
I Have The Power Use 5 unique Hero Powers in GHTV. 10
The Great Compromise Get a 50 note streak 50 times while playing GHTV. 10
Day Play GHTV for 24 hours. 24
All The Points! Score 50,000,000 points in GHTV. 20
Strumillionaire Strum 1,000,000 times in GHTV. 30
Amazing! Earn a 1,000 note streak in GHTV. 20
Specialist Shredder Fully upgrade a skill on your guitar in GHTV. 30
Toppest Of Top Drawers Get to Level 20 in GHTV. 20
The Stranger Play any On Demand song in GHTV with Lefty Flip turned on and get 3 Stars. 10
No Need For A Hero Score 420,000 points or more in a song without using a Hero Power in GHTV. 20
Animal Magnetism Log in to GHTV 5 days in a row. 10
All The Notes Hit each type of note in a single song in GHTV 10

Do It You Won't Do It Switch the crowd from negative to positive in the last ten seconds of a song in GH Live. 2

Ooooh, You Fancy

GH Liveモード、Expert難易度で4曲100%(フルコンボ)を達成する。

Power Hour



「Cry of Achilles」という曲がRegular難易度でもノート数が1,000を超える。
「Nailed It(スコア50万点以上)」「No Need For A Hero(ヒーローパワーを使用せず42万点以上)」の実績も一緒に狙っていける。


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