Earthlock:Festival of Magic


Owls of the Nest Complete the game 100
Owl Tide Bestiary Defeat one of every enemy 80
Supreme Scavenger Open 50 chests 40
Gardener of Lango Harvest 1000 fruits 30
Lango Plantmaster Fully level up every type of plant 80
Diligent Hogbunny Fill up the garden with plants 50
Great Wave Alumni Craft one of each Perk Talents 50
Champions of Umbra Level up all characters to level 20 50
Fearless in Karba Fully level up all Bonds between all characters 50
Disciple of the Onurasi Completely fill all the Talent Boards 100
Heroic Hoarder Return all barnacles to Plumpet Island 50
Spiritualist of the Sands Help 50 ghosts to rest at peace 50
Festival Masters Complete all Tournaments with Gold Ranking 50

Zabirum Seeker Defeated the Temple Guardian 10
Hogbunny Buddy Gnart joined the Party 10
Gersween's Nest Arrived at Plumpet Island 10
The General's Daughter Help Ive from the crashed plane 10
A Stormdog's bond Rescue Taika from the Bandit 10
The Red-Haired Enigma Olia rejoins the party 10
Ancient Sentient Support Find Pat in the warehouse 10
Shielded by Lÿs Lady Lumia crafts the Lys Aegis Talent 20
A Hammerhead's Freedom Rescue Benjo 20
Inside Maáto's Mind Get to the memory chamber 20
Custodian of Scrollroads Defeat the Mushriga 30
Konkylian Custodian Defeat the Hollow Knight 60


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