Milo's Quest


  • 攻略動画

Yummy! 30 Get your first bonne.
Working gloves 30 Get the gloves
Milo is a smart boy 90 Solve your first puzzle
Keys open doors 15 Get your first silver key
Keys also open chests 15 Get your fist golden key
Head butting 30 Get the Helmet
He deserved it 90 Kill your first ghost
Healing 90 Recover a heart
I need to pass through 90 Kill 10 ghosts
More Life! 90 Get a heart extension
Killing ghosts count as murder? 90 Kill 20 ghosts
I was getting tired 90 Get a Stamina extension
Nothing can stop me 90 Defeat Big Marshmallow Boo
Spying 30 Get the Binoculars
Three against one is not fair 90 Defeat Super Pumpkin Bros
I can see things 40 Get the Special Glasses


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