Keep Defending Defended your first Keep 10
Matchmaker Matchmaker Arranged your first Marriage 10
A Legacy Begins Received your first Relic 10
Sage, right? Appointed a Sagewright 10
The Standard of Excellence Appointed a Standard 10
BABIES! The first baby was born 10
Graduation Day Your first hero came of age 20
Golden Anniversary Survived 50 years (Reached year 51) 20
Half Full Survived 150 years (Reached year 151) 50
Fully Charged Survived 300 years (Reached year 301) 50
Victory Completed the game on Normal Difficulty 50
Hard Victory Completed the game on Hard Difficulty 100
IRON CHALICE Completed an IRON game (any Difficulty) 100
IRONEST CHALICE Completed an IRON game (Brütal Difficulty) 10
Manifest Destiny Built a building in every Region 20
Geriatric Brigade Beat a tactical mission where every hero is over 60 years old. 20
Pounder Killed 4 or more enemies with one attack 20
Iron Cactus Killed an enemy with a Burst Bush 20
Flawless Victory Beat a tactical battle without taking any damage 30
A Legacy Fulfilled Progressed a Relic to its maximum level 40
Fire with Fire Deployed a Vanguard with only Cadence Weapons, Armor, and Items 20
Tactical Diversity Deployed a Vanguard of 5 different classes 30
Drunken Master Killed 5 or more enemies with a drunk hero in one tactical battle 80
Lifetime Achievement Award Killed 50 or more enemies with one hero 20
Foster Home Adopted multiple children into the same Keep 80
To the End! Took at least 3 of your 5 initial Vanguard Bloodlines all the way to the Final Battle 50
TIMEFISTED Defeated an enemy from the past 100


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