Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations


xbox 360版と別実績で同内容。

Home Sweet Home Visit every area in and around the tree house. 20
I See You Use the telescope in the boat to look at three different kingdoms. 30
Snail's Pace Locate and interact with 15 snails. 60
Radio Starchie Listen to all of the radio broadcasts in the Tree House bedroom. 60
Stretch Goals Use all four Jake combat forms at least once in the game. 30
Combo Time Perform a 15-hit combo in combat without being hit. 60
New to Ooo Say hello to the new character in Ooo. 60
Wrong Number Dial 10 wrong numbers on the pay phone. 20

Cake Plate Quest Free Abracadaniel from jail. 40
Wizards Only, Fools Find a way to get into the wizard "party." 40
Sweet, Sweet Magic Defeat the wizards and free the kidnapped Candy People. 40
Hairy Beast Find the hairy beast that has been wreaking havoc. 40
Lump Support Fix all of the noble deeds that were done incorrectly. 40
Long Live The (Ice) King Put the king back in charge of his kingdom. 40
Dance OFF Find a cure for the dancing epidemic. 40
Sound Sword Quest Find the missing Sound Sword. 40
Acceptable Ending Defeat Magic Man's latest jerky plan. 40
Wet Willie Find out why the Fire Kingdom's flames are going out. 40
Cracked Escape from the dungeon below Billy's Cave. 40
Nothung To Lose Find the last of the artifacts and seal Billy's Cave. 40
Record Loss Gather the equipment needed to re-record Finn's record. 40
Band Together Convince Finn's friends to join the band. 40
Real To Reel Put Finn's favorite song back onto the record album. 40
Flimpin' The Diode Correctly guess the Grayble theme. 60



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