Secret Neighbor


Crisis manager As a Leader, encourage 200 people by your ability. 100
Fear Nothing Win without seeing the Neighbor for the whole match. 100
First one! Be the first child to get into the basement door. 100
Keymaster As a Bagger, fill all 4 slots with keys. 100
No Crows Allowed Exile a raven 5 times in one game. 100
One man Army Open all locks in one game by yourself. 100
Sherloсk As a Detective, find 4 keys by the photo in one game. 100
Totally Secret Neighbor Win without turning into a Neighbor even once per match. 100
UNGRABBABLE! Get caught in the hands of a Neighbor five times in one game and survive. 100
You shall not pass! Win as a Neighbor while the basement door is open. 100

最終更新:2020年06月14日 12:07