Got a GRIP Finished the tutorial 10
You did a thing Finished a race 10
Endurance Finished a 20 lap race 10
GRIP Rookie Raced 100 laps in total 10
GRIP Addict Raced 2500 laps in total 25
GRIP Master Raced 10000 laps in total 100
There's a first for everything Finished 1st in a race 10
Skill or luck? Finished 1st 3 races in a row 25
Skillz Finished 1st 6 races in a row 100
Underdog Went from 10th to 1st within one lap 25
Bullet Averaged a speed 700kmph+ in a race 25
Skewered You hit 3 opponents with a charged RamRaider 10
More than a pink slip Destroyed an opponent 10
Participated in a death ballet Finished an arena match 10
We've gone plaid Have hit Mach 1 in a race 25
Double Kill You destroyed 2 players without dying 10
Triple Kill Destroyed 3 players without dying 20
Quad Kill Destroyed 4 players without dying 40
Vehicular homicide Destroyed 50 opponents 10
Vehicular genocide Destroyed 500 opponents 25
There are no cars left to kill, so chill Destroyed 1500 opponents 50
It's a play on words. Get it? Finished a carkour course 10
Playground bound Finished all carkour courses 100
Combat Racing Legend Finished the campaign 100
I did it my way Created a custom tournament 10
Stunt double Pulled a wheelie on the ceiling 10
Death from above Made a hit with a Scorpion while airborne 10
Duck hunt You hit an airborne opponent with a Scorpion 10
Twisted Performed a double-somersault when airborne 10
Dropped your load Made a hit with a round of Raptor bullets 10
Serpent's kiss You hit only cars with every Hydra missile 25
Demolition man Destroyed some scenery 10
Stolen victory Won by passing the leader in the last second 25
Driller killer You hit 3 or more cars with a single Hydra 10
Penta Kill Destroyed 5 players without dying 100


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