Gang Beasts

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Safety Warning Escaped from a grinder hazard on the grind stage 50
Short Wave Defeated an enemy wave in the waves game mode 25
Shutout Won a game of soccer without the opposition scoring in the football game mode 50
Buoy'o buoy Climbed to the highest section of the buoy on the buoy stage 50
Sea Legs Escaped from the water on the buoy stage 50
Special Delivery Broke the cables supporting a container without falling on the containers stage 50
Self Storage Got inside a shipping container on the containers stage 50
Ground Floor Broke the cables supporting an elevator without falling on the elevators stage 50
Hang Tough Broke the cables supporting a gondola without falling on the gondola stage 75
Bucket List Passed through the orange chute on the girders stage 50
Roast Beef Escaped from the incinerator hazard on the incinerator stage 50
Welcome to Beef City Customised a character on the character customisation screen 25
Sit Down Collided with the seating and the railings on the ring stage 75
Step Down Broke the stairs on the towers stage 75
Keep on Trucking Climbed onto the roof of a truck on the trucks stage 50
In Transit Got inside a truck on the trucks stage 50
Long Haul Passed through three road signs on the trucks stage 75
Big Head Concussed an enemy with a diving headbutt 50
Drop Kick Concussed an enemy with a diving kick 50

+ 日本語訳のみ
Safety Warning Stage Grindでグラインドの脅威から脱出した 50
Short Wave Mode Wavesで敵ウェーブを乗り切る 25
Shutout Mode Footballで相手が得点することなく勝った 50
Buoy'o buoy Stage Buoyでブイの最も高い部分に登った 50
Sea Legs Stage Buoyで水から脱出した 50
Special Delivery Stage Containersでコンテナを支えるケーブルを切断し落下させる 50
Self Storage Stage Containersで輸送コンテナ内に入った 50
Ground Floor Stage Elevatorsでエレベータを支えるケーブルを切断し落下させる 50
Hang Tough Stage Gondolaでゴンドラを支えるケーブルを切断し落下させる 75
Bucket List Stage Girdersでオレンジシュートを通過 50
Roast Beef Stage Incineratorで焼却炉の危険から脱出した 50
Welcome to Beef City Costumesでキャラクターをカスタマイズ 25
Sit Down Stage Ringで観客席に衝突した 75
Step Down Stage Towersで階段を壊した 75
Keep on Trucking Stage Trucksで屋根の上に乗った 50
In Transit Stage Trucksでトラックに乗り込んだ 50
Long Haul Stage Trucksで3つの道路標識を通過 75
Big Head ダイビングの頭突きで敵を倒した 50
Drop Kick ダイビングキックで敵を倒した 50

Gang Beasts Walkthrough

  • Keep on Trucking

  • Big Head
  • Drop Kick
Stage Incineratorの右階段辺りでやるのがやりやすい


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