Embers of Mirrim



To Split Is Divine Split 500 times 30
Unlimited Power!!! Enter your first Net 5
It's working! It's working! Enter Net 200 times 20
Nifty Rifty Use your first Rift 5
Stay on Target Use Rifts 500 times 20
Blast Off Use your first Blast Rift 5
Blast Crusade Use Blast Rifts 250 times 20
To Sling Is My Thing Use your first Slingshot Rift 5
Just Keep Slinging ... Use Slingshot Rifts 100 times 20
Switch Into Glide Glide 100 times 10
Trial by Stone Smash 20 Crystals 10
Listen to your Elder Enter the Spire 10
Rim's Power Gain the power of Dark Embers 10
Mir's Power Gain the power of Light Embers 10
Light and Dark Knight Rises ... Mirrim is born 10
Splitting is Believing Split for the first time 15
Big things have small beginnings Complete The Spire 25
Master of Tungis Use a Tungi for the first time 10
Too Many Trees ... Survive the waterfall 25
Cleansed The Elder Complete The Highlands 25
Say hello to my little friend Use a Splitfire for the first time 10
Game of Thorns Surive the first Thorn Chase 15
Oh Baby Baby, It's a Wild Weald Complete The Weald 25
Yeeeaaaahhh! Ride the Whaleworm 30
Never tell me the odds Survive the second Thorn Chase 15
Hello, boys! I'm BAAAAAACK! Survive the corrupted Whaleworm Chase 10
Cleansed The Whaleworm Complete The Blight 25
[whispering] I see you! Survive the stalking Flarefly Queen 30
Ka-boom! Use a Flarefly for the first time 10
She can't see us if we don't move Complete The Wasteland 25
Tickled Pink Use a Tikeel for the first time 10
Cleansed The Flarefly Queen Complete The Breach 25
Down In The Underground Complete The Descent 25
Cleaning House Defeat The Corruption 25
One does not simply beat Embers of Mirrim Complete Embers of Mirrim 100
The circle is now complete Complete Embers of Mirrim saving all companions 50
Connect The Dots ... La La La La La Complete a Glyph 10
We're halfway there Complete 14 Glyphs 30
Turn On The Magic of Shining Light Complete all 28 Glyphs 75
Oh Canada ... Complete the Maple Leaf Glyph 15
Mardi Gras Complete the Fleur De Lis Glyph 15
Where Did This Come From? Complete the Mysterious "S" Glyph 15
Akat Save Akat 15
Kiv Save Kiv 15
Inid Save Inid 15
Ocu Save Ocu 15
Taka Save Taka 15
Vik Save Vik 15
Dini Save Dini 15
Uco Save Uco 15

難易度指定の実績はないので、こだわりがないなら EASY でのプレイ可。

  • Turn On The Magic of Shining Light

Embers Of Mirrim All Glyphs Revealed - YouTube

  • The circle is now complete

最終ステージ "The Descent" の最後にラスボス戦があるので、"The Descent" を開始する前に仲間全員を救助しておくと二度手間が省ける。


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