Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet



Good Ending Collector You collected all 5 good endings. Feels great, huh? 50
Bad Ending Collector You collected all 5 bad endings. Are you a masochist...? 50
Syrup Ending Syrup, disinterested in the people around her, put all her energy into capitalism. 90
Gumdrop Ending Syrup and Gumdrop travel the world together to strengthen their bond <3 90
Pastille Ending Syrup and Pastille go on adventures together to make LEGENDARY CANDIES! 90
Butterscotch Ending Syrup teaches Butterscotch how to make candy and it's oh so sweet. 90
Toffee Ending Syrup adopts Toffee as her pet. Nya. 90
Candibal Ending You ate her. I can't believe you actually ate her. 90
Frozen Ending Butterscotch couldn't melt the ice and no one came to save you. 90
Bad End 1 Syrup had to run the store by herself and failed horribly. 90
Bad End 2 Toffee and Butterscotch took over Atelier Sweets. 90
Worst End Syrup's heart completely froze over. How could you be so cruel? 90


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