Castle of no Escape (for Windows 10)

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XboxOne版は別実績で「Title Update 3」が追加され実績は「4000」まで

Castle of no Escape(XboxOne版)

Face controller Jr. Start the game as a champion 100
Bits and bites Jr. Start the game as a bandit 100
Papers of pain Jr. Start the game as a shamaness 100
Friendship wins Jr. Meet the friendly NPC 100
Untouchable Jr. Successfully evade an attack 100
What's next? Jr. Find and use an orb 100
How about an armor? Jr. Open the first chest 100
How about a weapon? Jr. Open the second chest 100
I know the way Jr. Try and fail to use a crystal orb 100
I didn't do nothing! Jr. Don't do anything for 10 seconds 100

Title update(1000)
Reach the 2nd floor Reach the 2nd floor 200
Reach the 3rd floor Reach the 3rd floor 200
Reach the 4th floor Reach the 4th floor 200
Reach the 5th floor Reach the 5th floor 200
Reach the 6th floor Reach the 6th floor 200

Title Update 2(1000)
Vulgar Latin Read the book 200
Anything inside? Find some gold in the chest 200
Pool drinker Drink from the pool 200
Gold Hunter Find some gold 200
Flare Hunter Find some flares 200

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