Coffin Dodgers



During The War… Run over an opponent’s fallen body. 10
My Kart Is Augmented Buy an upgrade. 10
GrimAced Win your first race. 10
We Can Rebuild Him Fully upgrade a single kart aspect. 25
Batteries not Included Get taken out by a UFO laser. 10
Gone In Many Seconds Boost without crashing, 20 times. 25
Am I Missing An Eyebrow? Expertly explode 20 pensioners with the use of a rocket. 25
Technophobic Use an EMP 20 times successfully. 25
Luckily My Shield Will Protect Me Successfully use a shield to block 20 attacks. 25
Death Defier Get gold in all races in the village. 100
Slick Moves Like Jagger Slip up 20 people’s Sunday drive with some oil. 25
Death Derider Get gold in all races in the town. 100
Death Decider Get gold in all races in the showdown. 100
Million Dollar Granddad Fully upgrade your kart. 25
Death Despiser Get gold in all races in the farm. 100
Sweep Get 1 Crazy Granddad item. 10
Death Defiler Get gold in all races in the graveyard. 100
Feeling Lucky? Hose 20 oldies with the Uzi. 25
Paperboy The Hard Way Run over 5 bikers. 25
He Was A Skater Boy Knock 5 skaters off the road. 25
One Foot in the Grave Complete story mode. 100
6 Feet Under Complete story mode as The Grim Reaper. 100

  • 6 Feet Under
The Grim Reaper(死神)がプレイアブルキャラとしてアンロックされるのは一度ストーリーモードをクリアしてからなので、都合2周が必要。
New Game を始めてもカートのアップグレード状況は引き継がれるので、「○○地域の全てのレースでGold(1位)」実績は2周目に狙うとよい。

  • Paperboy The Hard Way / He Was A Skater Boy
Village-3をスクーターで走っている新聞配達の少年 / Town-3をキックボードで走っている少年に5回体当たり。

  • アイテム20回系実績

  • Sweep
Single Player > Open World > Crazy Granddad モードにて。ソロでも解除可能。


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