Super Toy Cars


オフラインマルチ実績「Fun with Friends」のために2コンが必要。

Episode 2 Unlocked Unlock Episode 2 in Career 5
Episode 3 Unlocked Obtain 80 points in Career 10
Episode 4 Unlocked Obtain 120 points in Career 15
Episode 5 Unlocked Obtain 160 points in Career 20
Episode 6 Unlocked Obtain 200 points in Career 25
Episode 7 Unlocked Obtain 240 points in Career 30
Episode 8 Unlocked Obtain 280 points in Career 35
Champion! Finish first in the last race of Career mode 100
Completist Finish all races in 1st position in Career Mode 100
Collector Buy all the cars in the game 50
Obsesive Collector Own all cars with all upgrades in Career Mode 100
Millionaire Earn a total of 500.000 credits in Career Mode 40
100 Miles Away Drive a total of 100 Miles (166Km) 25
Marathon Drifter Drift for a total of 42Km 50
Fly like a bird Spend 10 minutes in the air 25
First Win Win a single player race 10
Winner Win 25 races or other events either in Career Mode or Quickrace 30
Fun with Friends Play local multiplayer race 10
Hippie Race during 30 minutes with the Schneider Surfer 40
Kit Car Enthusiast Spend 30 mins racing with the Sputs Super Nine 40
Muscle Cars! Spend 30 mins racing with the Horns Vantage 40
Hot Rod! Spend 30 mins racing with the Horns Hot Rod 40
Professional Driver Drive 50 Km with the Formula 2500 40
Rally Car! Drive 50 Km with the Shibuya WRC4 40
Fast Squirrel Drive 50 Km with the Scoiattolo Veloce 40
Quick Kitty Drive 50 Km with the Schneider Panther 40


  • Obsesive Collector



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