The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa

項目数:15 (10+5)
総ポイント:2000 (1000+1000)

Book worm You've read all the books... Why? 100
Cotton hunter Do you have something against blondes?.. 40
Gutta-percha So that's what Masaru was talking about... 120
Old school Yeah yeah... But it would be faster if you did weights... 70
Secret message Who was it from?.. 150
Pocketful of cash That's gotta be some trick to it... 180
Hustler There's some Minnesota Fats for you somewhere... 70
King of the hill You gotta move to a bigger town, kid... 70
Video addict Again? You showed it to almost anybody already... 100
Research I know a guy who got carried away with it... 100

Max Strength Maximize your Strength 200
Max Reflex Maximize your Reflex 200
Cat Get a cat 200
All "A" Get all "A" 200
Kumi Get Kumi interested 200


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