Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

項目数:35 (30+5)
総ポイント:1200 (1000+200)

メインメニューでコナミコマンドを入力すれば、いきなりHard Modeをアンロックできる。
そのため、一周で実績コンプも可能ではあるが、Infierno challengesでGold Medalを獲得するのが難しくなるだけなのでお勧めしない。

Viva La Resurrección Became a Luchador 10
That's one big Gato Frito Dropped the Alebrije into the lava 10
X'tabay-Bye Redeemed X'tabay 30
Snuffed Out Extinguished Flame Face 30
Licking his Wounds Bested Jaguar Javier in hand-to-paw combat 30
Power Within Completed Uay Chivo's INTENSO training 20
I swat you Defeated a Chupacabra using only Slam 10
Flawless Defeated an arena without taking any damage 20
Nooks and Crannies Found 100% of the Hidden Items in a single area 20
Combo Nerd Achieved a 125 Hit Combo 20
Pollo Power Became a Chicken 20
Last Straw Destroyed Uay Chivo's fake statue in the Tule Tree 30
"Next-gen!!" Started a New Game on Save Slot #2 10
Do or Do Not Completed the first Combo Chicken Challenge 15
No Encore! Silenced El Trio de la Muerte permanently 15
Cock of the Walk Defeated an enemy using the Pollo Bomb 10
Main Event Defeated a Skeleton-Luchador 20
That was INTENSE Killed 20 Enemies in a single INTENSO sequence 50
Lore Master Helped those in need by completing all Side Quests 50
I Have The Power Purchased 20 Upgrades from the Shop 20
Got to catch them all Found an orb 30
Poncho'd Out Completed the Combo Chicken quest (Defeated Poncho forever) 25
Heavyweight Earned a Bronze Medal in all Infierno challenges 20
The Never Ending Combo Achieved a 200 Hit Combo 30
That was Hard Mode? Defeated the game on Hard Mode and proved yourself a hardcore Luchador 100
Who put these here??? Achieved 100% completion in all areas 100
World Champion Mastered El Diablo's Domain and earned a Gold Medal in all Infierno challenges 50
The Devil wears Revenge! Defeated Calaca with full health in Diablo's Suit 30
Boom-Shack-Calaca Defeated Calaca 25

El Savior You found all of the Orbs and saved Lupita 150

"Frenemies" Character Pack
The Teacher Remains the Teacher Defeat Javier Jaguar as Uay Chivo in an un-nerfed one-on-one rematch 100
Greatest Tag-Team in History Defeat the Great Temple's two Lightning Skeleton arenas on Hard, in co-op (or as Jaguar) 30
Minuto de Silencio Mourn the loss of the Alebrije while playing as X’Tabay 30
Money to Burn Snatch, grab and collect 5,000 pesos as Flame Face 30
Dream Team Defeat an arena with at least 2 players 10

  • I swat you

  • Lore Master
正しくは の3:29を参照。

  • Cock of the Walk
Pollo BombはInfierno Challengeでシルバーメダル以上を10個獲得し、シルバーメダルのエレベーターを利用した先で手に入る。

  • Heavyweight
  • World Champion

  • Who put these here???
この動画は無印版の動画なため、STCEではInfierno Challengeでゴールドメダルを10個獲得し、ゴールドのエレベーターを利用した先でもう一つ手に入れる必要がある。


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