Hive Jump



Fall from Heaven Jump your first hive. 10
Fight like Hell Survive 10 alien ambushes. 25
Regicide Kill your first Ordovician Queen. 25
Quartermaster Unlock all rifle modifications in the S.T.O.R.E. 30
Demolitions Expert Unlock all grenade modifications in the S.T.O.R.E. 25
Technophile Unlock all utility items in the S.T.O.R.E. 25
Spelunker Collect one of every relic type in the game. 40
Valkyrie Rescue every NPC in the game at least once. 50
Lone Wolf Complete a hard hive mission while jumping alone. 30
Invictus Complete a hard hive mission without losing any jumpers. 50
Shut up Wesley! Kill your first Ordovician Crusher. 15
Eat this! Kill your first Ordovician Harvester. 15
Scrambled eggs! Kill your first Ordovician Caretaker. 15
Burn baby burn! Kill your first Ordovician Scorcher. 15
United We Stand Unlock all available jumper skins. 30
What's your sign? Unlock all available jumper insignias. 40
2001, An Omelette Odyssey Kill 4,002 alien eggs. 10
Forged in Graphite Meet every developer NPC in the game at least once. 50
Gotta kill 'em all! Kill one of every type of alien in the game. 30
Master of Fate Repair a backpack under 30% health with the Fate Cutter relic. 40
Jump Together Start a hive mission in local co-op mode. 10
Squad Goals Win a hive mission with 3 friends. 25
Transporter Carry the backpack for more than 5 hours. 10
Hive Dweller Spend a grand total of 10 hours in alien hives. 10
You can't take the sky from me! Spend a grand total of 1 hour in the air. 10
Impregnable Win a fort battle without losing a single jumper. 10
Jumper's Game Win the Impossible campaign without losing a single human fort. 50
Turning the tide Win the first planetary campaign. 20
Reclaiming our lands Win the second planetary campaign. 25
Knocking down their door Win the third planetary campaign. 30
Finishing the fight Win the fourth planetary campaign. 40
Mistakes were made Kill a teammate with a grenade. 10
Trust me. I'm the doctor. Heal 1,000 health with grenades. 25
Horseshoes and handgrenades! Kill a dozen aliens with one explosive grenade. 10
Can't touch this. Complete a mission with the backpack at full health. 10
Wildcards Unlock all card suit insignias. All hail the 58th Squadron. 10
Got the Memo Start a hive mission with four jumpers using the same color. 25
Group Project Win a hive mission in which a player killed no aliens or eggs. 25
It's afraid! Capture a hive queen by defeating it without using the nuke. 25
Whispers in the stars Save Delphi during the final Queen encounter. 50

  • Quartermaster

  • Master of Fate
Fate Cutterはその場で効果がでるため、事前にバックパックのHPを減らしておく必要がある。

  • Jumper's Game

  • Horseshoes and handgrenades!

  • Whispers in the stars


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