Fight the Horror


Parallel universe Whoever dies with hatred will never rest in peace 100
Beginning of the end Welcome to "Fight the Horror"! 10
Gluttony Excessive desire for things is considered to be “Gluttony” 30
Envy Resentful covetousness towards the good things of others is considered to be “Envy” 30
Greed Excessive desire for wealth and power is considered to be "Greed" 30
Pride To challenge the god is considered to be “Pride” 30
Wrath Desire to punish others is considered to be “Wrath” 30
Sloth Cowardice or habitual disinclination to exertion is considered to be “Sloth” 30
Lust Immoral desire is considered to be “Lust” 30
One way ticket There are mountains beyond mountains,and heavens beyond heavens 30
Safe for now Tomorrow is another day 10
Life betting It is immoral to compete in an unfair way 10
Golden axe Fraud always comes with greed 10
Burn offerings All that is left is black 10
Money talks In the infinite reincarnation, any desire is considered to be excessive 10
From the dark Every cloud has a silver lining 10
Not a potion Pigeon flies with pigeon, hawk with hawk 10
The waiting game The cannon cannot kill by itself, unless a cannon shooter is firing with it 15
Handled with care Hero and villain are the same coin viewed from the opposite sides 15
Here lies Let’s perform a touching funeral for the dead! 15
Abracadabra The revolution has not yet succeeded, work is still needed 10
The way of the other No lock ever in the world could lock down a real monster! 30
Combined force The fate that one can't escape, will be broken by three! 15
Chief of human The mystery about human life has long been revealed 30
Master of spirits Besides death, having contact with spirits is a born-with fear for humans 30
King of beasts Beasts never scheme, while they act on instinct 30
A second chance Again and again 30
Arrow on the string Having the power to punish others of his own will is not an exclusive right of the mythological gods 30
Cheat sheet Most people adore authority than knowledge 30
Home advantage Every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost 30
Self-deception In desperation, human beings usually resort to the supernatural 30
Rich return Money talks! 30
Merit-making Any offering provided to the gods is a kind of bribery 30
Gold rush Nothing is difficult to a man who wills 30
Poison tester People are usually deceived and seduced by superficial benefits 30
Blackmail A businessman knows not to kill the golden goose so well 30
Destined romance For those who are living in pain, Longevity is just a torture 30
Run like hell All horrible things connected with death 30
Twin monsters The winner is king, the loser an outlaw 30


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