Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remasterd

難易度:★☆☆☆☆ (Solverに頼らない場合は★+2~3)

Spelling Bee Champ Spell 1500 words. 10
Born To Spell Spell 2500 words. 25
Letter to the Editor Use 5000 letters. 10
Show Me The Money Bust apart 100 gem piles. 30
Close Call Beat a stage with only 1 health remaining. 15
Six Pack Spell 50 six-letter words. 5
See You In 'Sept'ember Spell 10 seven-letter words. 10
'Oct'oberfest (groan) Spell 5 eight-letter words. 25
A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama Spell 25 palindromes. 10
WHY? Spell 3 words with no vowels. 15
Yay Everyday Royalty Spell a word that contains two 'Y's. 25
FEELING REALLY GOOD! Spell 200 double-letter words (ex: 'BUBBLE'). 10
Swappy McSwappington Swap all letters 50 times. 5
Crystal Conqueror Spell a word containing two or more crystals. 10
My Precious Use 100 crystals. 15
Row Row Row Your Boat Use an entire row in one word 3 times. 15
In The Corner Use 500 corner letters. 10
All plagued out Fill the entire board with plague tiles. 20
Printing Press Fill the entire board with duplicator tiles. 20
Sir Punch A Lot Deal 10000 damage. 10
Sir Punch A Bunch Deal 25000 damage. 15
What Was The Point? Spell a word that does zero damage. 5
Monster Masher Defeat 250 monsters. 10
Precision Striking Defeat 5 monsters with exact damage. 25
So Close! Leave a monster with only one health. 10
Sidestepper Dodge 50 attacks. 5
Critically Acclaimed Perform 100 critical attacks. 5
Tile Trouble Lose from taking tile damage. 10
Prevention Use 25 plague tiles. 5
Saving Up Earn 15000 gems. 10
It's A Bling Thing Spend 25000 gems. 10
Need A Pick Me Up? Purchase 10 potions. 5
We Have The Technology Purchase 30 upgrades. 20
Librarian Purchase 5 books. 15
What're Ya Buyin'? Purchase 50 merchant items. 10
Quest King (or Queen!) Complete 70 quests. 50
Open Sesame! Open 10 treasure chests. 5
You, The Master Of Unlocking Open a treasure chest with no incorrect guesses. 50
Showing Off Finish a stage with full health. 10
Knowledge Is Power Reach max level with one book. 25
Starbitrary Earn 29 stars. 5
Superstar Earn 99 stars. 30
Rock Star Earn 120 stars. 75
Pin Cushion Take 10000 damage. 5
Book Smart Earn 1000 book XP. 10
Eh Eee Eye Owe You Use 2500 vowels. 10
I Wonder What Was Inside? Fail to open 3 treasure chests. 15
Top Shelf! Use 500 letters from the top row. 10
Part Of The Way Dare Earn 20 crystal stars. 30
Walk Of Fame Earn 40 crystal stars. 70
It's BACON!!!!!!!!!! Spell the word BACON. 10
Honorary Bacon Bandit Spell the word BANDITS. 10
Endless Monster Masher Defeat 100 monsters in endless mode. 10
Endless Wordsmith Spell 750 words in endless mode. 20
Alphabet Soup Use 2500 letters in endless mode. 15
Coin Collector Collect 2000 coins in endless mode. 15
Repeat Customer Purchase 100 merchant items in endless mode. 15
I Can Do This All Day Defeat 10 monsters in a single game in endless mode. 20
Word Wizard Spell 60 words in a single game in endless mode. 20
Practice Makes Perfect Play 10 games of endless mode. 10

配られたタイルで英単語を作ってスコアを競うボードゲーム「スクラブル」をベースとしたパズルRPGなので、Solver を使用すれば劇的に難易度は下がる。
Word Unscrambler
Hangman Solver (宝箱用)

  • Rock Star / Walk Of Fame
難易度の指定は特にないので、Normal でのプレイで構わない。

  • A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama
"Palindrome" は "回文" のこと。上から読んでも下から読んでも同じ単語を25回作る。


  • Precision Striking

  • So Close!

  • Close Call

  • What're Ya Buyin'?

  • Word Wizard

  • Born To Spell


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