The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing





Misfit Kill 50 enemies. 10
Butcher Kill 500 enemies. 20
Monster's Bane Kill 5000 enemies. 60
Novice Treasure Hunter Loot 50 chests. 10
Journeyman Treasure Hunter Loot 100 chests. 20
Expert Treasure Hunter Loot 200 chests. 30
Ink Walker Visit an Ink locations. 20
Ink Master Visit 7 Ink locations. 30
Tourist Visit 3 different locations. 30
Explorer Visit all locations. 60
Coil Collector Complete the Start the Generator quest. 20
Hijacker Complete the orichalcum shipment quest. 20
Smuggler Complete The weapon shipment quest. 20
Chicken Runner Kill a chicken with a sword! 20
Manservant Gain entrance to the village of Markovna with the help of Lady Katarina. 20
Escort Master Escort the Traveling Merchant to the Romany Camp with him taking no damage. 30
Hero of the Day Solve every side-quest in Markovna. 30
Junky Swim through 20 Garbage Containers. 30
Let loose the ghost of war Let Lady Katarina kill a Boss. 30
Spotless Defense Defend the Lair without a single enemy getting in. 30
Viva la Resistance! Solve every side-quest in the Helsing lair. 30
Explosives expert Finsh the Slavage Mission quest without setting of any explosives. 60
Unfulmigator Eliminate Fulmigati's doomsday machine. 60
I'm so Hardcore! Finish the game with a Hardcore character! 100
Riddle me Wisp Answer all the Riddle Wisps correctly (so you don't have to fight them). 100
What's in the bag? Take 20 pieces of loot from the Domovoy on the Gorgon Pass. 100

  • What's in the bag?
最初のGorgon PassでDomovoyという袋を背負ったモンスターに攻撃を当て20個のアイテムを落と

  • Escort Master
CroakwoodにてNPCをRomany Campまで無傷で連れていく。

  • Riddle me Wisp

  • Explosives expert

  • Spotless Defense


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