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Mech 101 Completed the tutorial 20
First Of Many Won your first online match with any mech 20
Know My Name Won 50 online matches 25
Passepartout Won an online match on every map 20
Jack Of All Trades Won an online match with each of the 12 starting mechs 20
Mech Connoisseur Win 5 online matches with each of the 12 starting mechs 25
Synchronized Win 5 online matches in a shared-mech 20
What A Show! Won an online match with an ultimate attack as the final blow 20
This Isn't Even My Final Form Won an online match without using your Ultimate ability 20
Power Saving Mode Won an online match without using any special abilities 20
I Don't Need Toys Won an online match without using any items 20
How Do I Look? Equipped your first accessory 20
A Hat For Every Occasion Unlock all accessories 25
Collector's Edition Unlocked your first random legendary skin 25
Colorful Wardrobe Unlock an epic skin for each of the 12 starting mechs 25
Fashionista Unlock a total of 100 skins and accessories 25
Elevated Look Unlock all skins for a mech 25
Enjoy The View Beat the campaign 50
The Return Of The Pharaoh Beat the campaign as Setesh 25
They're Everywhere Defeated 25 Xenotypes 20
City Savior Defeat 500 Xenotypes 25
Stop Hitting Yourself Executed 10 Counter-Attacks 25
I Can See Into The Future Executed 30 Counter-Attacks 25
Strong Winds Predicted Knock down 3 mechs with Cocada's wind ability in an online match 20
Master of Deception In an online match, avoided 2 attacks with Mya's substitution without taking damage in between 20
Gotta Go Fast! Used MetaGeckon's rolling ability 30 times in online matches 20
Can't Touch This Absorb a total of 500 damage with Setesh's pyramid ability in online matches 25
You Just Activated My Trap Card! As Vidar, trap enemies 3 times in a single online match 20
Just as Planned In an online match, use Contessa's cursed hand ability to stop an incoming dive kick 20
I've Made a Huge Mistake In an online match, use Vintage's teleport and get caught in an enemy's ultimate 20
Breaking the Ice Throw Crystal's hammer to finish off a frozen opponent in an online match 25
What Goes Around Comes Around In an online match, used Rocca's rocket punch to hit an enemy twice in a single attack 20
It's All in the Mind In an online match, use Shifu's ultimate on a blocking opponent 20
Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru Using Watchbot, won an online 1v1 match in Japan without losing health 25
It's Me, Austin! Hit a total of 5 enemies with Pescado's ultimate chair shot in online matches 20
Mr. Mavis, I Don't Feel So Good... Unlock the 'Infected' skin for all 12 starting mechs 50
We Want You! Recruited by General Mavis 20
Prepare For Trouble Meet Malika in the campaign 20
I Feel Witchcraft Upon Me Defeat the Shaman Xenotype boss 20
Do You Even Lift? Defeat the Muscle Xenotype boss 20
Snap Out Of It Defeat Malika's mech in the campaign 25
I Smell Po' Boy Defeat the Flying-Shrimp Xenotype boss 20
From Earth To The Moon Travel to the Moon in the campaign 25

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  • Strong Winds Predicted

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