West of Dead


Welcome to Purgatory Completed the Crypt 10
Survived the Mountains Completed the Hunt 10
Miner Completed the Mines 10
Navigated the Marsh Completed the Bayou 10
Canyoning Completed the Canyon 10
Harvest Completed the Farm 10
A new sheriff in town Completed the Town 10
Undertaker Completed the Graveyard 10
Altar Boy Completed the Church 10
Runemaster (I) Found the first rune 10
Runemaster (II) Found the second rune 10
Runemaster (III) Found the third rune 20
Good Soul (I) Helped first lost soul 10
Good Soul (II) Helped 5 lost souls 70
Good Soul (III) Helped 20 lost souls 160
Justice Begins Defeated first Outlaw 10
Bounty Hunter Defeated 5 Outlaws 70
Lawman Defeated 20 Outlaws 160

Met your Match (I) Defeated the Preacher (I) 30
Met your Match (II) Defeated the Preacher (II) 60
End of Injustice Defeated Injustice (Preacher III) 100
The Banisher Banished Injustice 200


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