Finalist Qualified for the World Finals 20
World Champion Won the World Finals 90
Sweet victory Won your first Challenge 10
On a roll Won 3 Challenges in a row 30
Famous Earned your first reputation title 10
Legend Earned the highest reputation title 30
Master of all Unlocked everything 30
Own it all Acquired everything 90
Duelist Won a duel 15
Fix up Repaired your vehicles for a total cost of $20000 15
Fix it yourself Spent time repairing a vehicle yourself 10
Overcome the obstacles Won your first obstacle course 10
All the way Reached the finish of a hillclimb 10
Around the world Played a race in each venue 15
First Gold Won your first Gold medal on a track 15
Gold on Northern Forest Won a Gold medal on all tracks in Northern Forest 30
Gold on Open Arena Won a Gold medal on all tracks in Open Arena 30
Gold on Adriatic Coast Won a Gold medal on all tracks in Adriatic Coast 30
Gold on Old Canyon Won a Gold medal on all tracks in Old Canyon 30
Gold on Jungle Ridge Won a Gold medal on all tracks in Jungle Ridge 30
Gold on The Pit Won a Gold medal on all tracks in The Pit 30
Time crusher Won a Gold medal on all tracks 90
First split Finished a split screen race 10
First seat switch Finished a hot seat race 10
Reach out Finished an online race 10
Driving choice Bought your first vehicle 10
Full stock Unlocked all vehicles 15
Full garage Acquired all vehicles 30
Livery change Changed the livery on a vehicle 10
All liveries Acquired all liveries in Career mode 30
First upgrade Installed a vehicle upgrade 10
Tinker master Installed all upgrades for a vehicle 30
All equipped Installed all upgrades for all vehicles 90
Untouched Finished a race and sustained less than 10% damage 15
Flawless Finished an obstacle course without any penalties 15
Unlocked gear Unlocked all rider gear 15
Full wardrobe Acquired all rider gear 30


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