The Inner Friend


An Apple A Day You have completed The Hospital 75
The Floor Is Lava Nice. You beat the electric field without dying. 75
Faster Than An Old Lady Nice. You completed The Hair Salon without dying once. 75
IT'S BAD LUCK! Nice. You broke all the mirrors in The Hair Salon (126 years of bad luck). 75
Simon Says Nice. You completed the Simon Says section in 9 squares or less. 75
Holy Whackamolee Nice. You completed the Whack-A-Mole without making any mistake. 75
We're Not Friends Anymore Nice... You let the Shadow get caught by The Beast... 75
A+ Nice. You beat the final puzzle in the High School in 9 hits or less. 75
My Inner Friend Nice. You completed the game ! 100
Remembrance Nice. You collected and placed 15 collectibles in The Bedroom. 75
Reminiscence Nice. You collected and placed 27 collectibles in The Bedroom. 100
Completionist Nice. You unlocked all the achievements! 125


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