Lonely Mountains:Downhill


It's all Downhill from here Cross your first finish line 10
Stop and Smell the Brakes Find one resting place 15
Indian Summer Ride Unlock Redmoor Peaks 15
Riding High Unlock Sierra Rivera 15
From Rock to Rock Unlock Mount Riley 15
Born to ride! Complete all challenges on Graterhorn 15
The Legend of the Fall Complete all challenges on Redmoor Peaks 15
Drop it like it's rock! Complete all challenges on Sierra Rivera 15
The Rocky Mountain Rider Show Complete all challenges on Mount Riley 15
Just Trailing Complete all beginner challenges 30
Ride Forest! Ride! Ride a trail without crashing 15
n+1 Unlock a second bike 10
Now we're a familiy! Unlock a third bike 10
4WD Unlock a fourth bike 10
Welcome to the Ride Club Unlock a fifth bike 10
Can you ever have enough bikes? Unlock a sixth bike 25
Bikeopath Complete all expert challenges 50
Free Rider Cross all finish lines on Free Ride 50
Riding in Style Unlock all paint jobs 15
Fashion Victim Unlock all outfits 15
Top of the World Find all resting places on Graterhorn 30
Peace and Quiet Find all resting places on Redmoor Peaks 30
Moments > Segments Find all resting places on Sierra Rivera 30
Lonely Places Find all resting places on Mount Riley 30
Falling is like flying 99% of the time Fall 20 Meters 10
Highlander Crash against a rock, a tree, a cactus and into the water 15
Who pays all the hospital bills? Hit 2 trees in one crash 20
Sticks and Stones do break your bones! Hit 1 tree and 1 rock in one crash 20
I hope the bike is okay! Hit 1 tree and go swimming afterwards 20
That needs a bandage Hit 3 rocks in one crash 20
Tree Hugger Hit trees 500 times 20
You Rock! Hit rocks 1000 times 20
Spikey Bikey! Hit cactuses 100 times 20
Maybe try a boat? Go swimming 50 times 20
Do it like Jason! Jump 15 Meters 10
Rolling, Rolling, Rolling! Ride 750 meters without pedaling 10
No brakes, high stakes! Ride 1000 meters without braking 10
Ride it like you stole it Reach a Top Speed of 100 Km/H or 62 mph 10
Jack of all Trails Cross all finish lines with Grasshopper 20
Like a Gazelle Cross all finish lines with Pacebreaker 20
Lycra Runner Cross all finish lines with Javelin 20
Off the beaten tracks Cross all finish lines with Trailblazer 20
Offroad King Cross all finish lines with Boar 20
Gravity Cross all finish lines with Geronimo 20
King of Bikes and Master of Mountains Cross all finish lines with all bikes 50

No ride like a night ride Unlock a night ride 15
The Ride is Dark and Full of Terrors Cross all finish lines on the free night mode 100

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