Infliction:Extended Cut


Getting to know you Found all the memories in 1999. 90
Master Chef Watched the cooking show during 1999. 15
Mirror, Mirror Entered the mirror world 15
Inner Demon or Outer Demon Examined the hole in the basement wall 30
Down the Rabbit Hole Solved the hallway riddle in the first two tries 15
Inner Demons Discovered the two memories during the hallway riddle 15
These pretzels are making me thirsty Found the person trapped in the vending machine 30
Third Floor: Butchery Found hell inside the elevator 30
Turn To Your Left Took a photo in the police line-up room 90
Satanic Gesture Found the crucifix hanging in the tree 30
Evil, Dead Exorcised yourself once possessed 90
Couch Potato Watched the TV show once you've set the host free 30
Supernatural Investigator Took four photos capturing the ghost hiding 90
I Remember Found every memory 90

Confronting Your Demons Trapped Crave behind the roller door 30
Roll on Two Killed the ghost with shock therapy 90
Bright Light, Bright Light Killed the ghost during the 1980's 90
Hellbound Finished the Game 90
Tortured by Inspiration Received punishment from one of the Inspirations in Hell 40


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