Quern - 色褪せぬ思考は

First Phase You entered the Professor’s Crystal Lab 50
Shipwrecked You survived the boat ride 50
...and don’t forget to water the plants! You revived the plants in the Gardens 50
Friend or Foe? You met Gamana for the first time 50
White is the New Orange You created a purified energy crystal 50
Too Lazy to Climb You got access to the tower in the Main Square 50
Good Audience You listened to the story of the Seekers 50
Deeper Underground You went deeper underground 50
Taste Them All You tasted all the berry juices 50
All Things in Place You returned the professor’s most precious item to its place 50
The Follower You followed the Professor’s guidance 50
The Sacrifice You followed Gamana’s guidance 50
The Brightest of All Scholars You drew at least 19 sketches in your notebook 100
Find What is Hidden I. You found a secret near the Watchtower 100
Find What is Hidden II. You found a secret near the Mine 100
Find What is Hidden III. You found a secret in the Corridor underground 100


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