Roundout by POWGI



Pup and Running Solve your first puzzle 10
Three-mendous! Solve a puzzle with minimum 3-letter words 40
Face Four Words Solve a puzzle with minimum 4-letter words 40
High Five! Solve a puzzle with minimum 5-letter words 40
Eighters Gonna Eight Find an 8-letter word 10
Off the Grid Find a bonus word 40
The Mind Boggles Find 5 bonus words in the same puzzle 70
Ruff Guess Try an answer that isn't even a word 10
Drop It! Try the same invalid word twice 40
Help Meowt Use a hint 10
The Leashed You Could Do Solve a puzzle without using a hint 70
Who's a Clever Boy? Solve a puzzle without entering any invalid words 70
Oh Grow Up! Anagrams, huh? 40
Nice Round Number Place 500 words into grids 70
Coming Round Again Resume a partially-completed puzzle 40
Paws for Thought Spend at least a minute considering a solution 40
ONE-derful Place the word “ONE” wonderfully 40
FEE-ling Good Place the word “FEE” and feel good about it 40
CEL-ebrate Place the word “CEL” and cheer 40
Fine and DAN-dy Place the word “DAN” and feel fine 40
JOY-full Place the word “JOY” and be happy 40
BEE-ming Place the word “BEE” and smile 40
RAY-diant Place the word “RAY” radiantly 40
AWE-some Place the word “AWE” awesomely 40
YIP-pee Place the word “YIP” and jump for joy 40

  • Nice Round Number


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