Armored Warfare



Kuzma's Mother Destroy 30 enemy vehicles with T-72 ʺUralʺ 30
Not Rocket Science Destroy 15 enemy vehicles with ATGMs 10
The Good the Bad and the Ugly Capture no less 3 points and destroy no less 3 goals in one GLOBAL OPS game without respawning. 20
A Piece of Art Survive 3 battles on M60A2 "Starship" without destroying any enemies 10
The Great Wall Block 10000 damage with Type 85-IIM 20
Luck of the Irish While playing in a Scorpion in PvP or PvE survive the battle with less than 10% HP left 30
I'll be back Revive yourself 10 times in PvE-operations, playing in a BMPT-72 10
Fortunate Son Win 10 PvP games with M551 Sheridan, while getting destroyed during the battle 20
Ninja Bear Destroy 10 vehicles in PvP, without being spotted, playing in a Pl-01 30
It ain't over 'til it's over Destroy a T-14 Armata using a Challenger 2 in PvP 10
Easting Kings Destroy 5 vehicles in a row without taking damage playing in a M1A1 in PvP 50
Snipers' Tank Destroy 15 vehicles while playing in a Centauro in PvE-operations 10
Bulwark Baron Deploy the anti-tank pillbox wildcard 5 times in GLOBAL OPERATIONS mode 10
Odysseus Destroy 5 enemy drones in GLOBAL OPERATIONS mode 20
Goog Morning Destroy at least 2 enemies with a single airstrike during a single GLOBAL OPERATIONS mission 30
Survivorship Bias Win 10 PvP random battles being the last survivor in the team 30
19000 feet Destroy 5 MBTs with HE shells during one match 30
Leap of Faith Destroy an enemy vehicle jumping on it from above 20
Black Shuck Ride 10000 miles 30
Shell We Win a PvP random battle spending less than 10 shells 20
Up for a Challenge Own every Challenger tank in the game 30
Warhammer Own an elite M3A2 Bradley 30
All your base are belong to us Capture enemy bases 10 times during PvP random battles 10
D-Day Destroy 30 enemy vehicles while standing in the water 20
Dragon Rising Own an elite Type-98 30
Size matters Destroy at least 5 enemies in a single PvP game while playing in a VBL 30
Where is the Infantry? Destroy 50 BMDs and BMPs in PvP random battles 20
Firefighter Destroy a burning enemy vehicle 10
Evacuation on duty Destroy an immobilized enemy vehicle 20
Call of the Battlefield Unlock 100 modules 30
My AMS are purely defensive Destroy 20 ATGMS with AMS 10
Daredevil Destroy an enemy vehicle that is undetected, playing in PvP random battle 10
Big Brother Win 20 PvE-operations while playing in the artillery 20
United Arms Dealers Own at least a Tier 7 vehicle of every dealer in the game 50
Expendables Own any rank 15 commander in the game 50
Uncle Scooge Own a fortune of 50 million credits 50
Best job ever Unlock all available Achievements 100
The definition of insanity Complete any Caribbean Crisis mission on hardcore difficulty 10
You even shoot? Complete at least 3 Carribean Crisis missions without getting any damage 30

Call of the Battlefield



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