Quest Hunter


Graveyard Find a Graveyard 15
The Reds camp Find the Reds Camp 20
Bad news Find a lost brother 10
Generous Give money to a beggar 10
Builder Build a house 15
The Mystery of the Dead Steal the Artifact of the Dead 15
The Savior of Princesses Save the butcher's daughter 15
Goblins Conqueror Kill the Goblin Shaman 15
Defender Protect the camp from the Reds 15
Cemetery secrets Deal with the Undertaker 15
The conqueror of the Reds Kill the Boss of the Reds 25
On the enemy's side Complete the bandits' task 25
The threat of the Dungeons Complete 10 Dungeons 25
A sharp eye Find 10 Secrets 15
The first treasure Dig up the treasure 5
Treasure hunter Dig up the treasure 10 times 15
Chests lover Open 10 chests 15
Gourmand Eat 20 Healing Berries 15
Demoman Blow up 10 objects 15
Demoman with experience Blow up 100 objects 15
Extremal Fall into the abyss 10
Games with poison Die from poison 5
Loser Die 50 times 10
On close terms with death Die 100 times 15
Lumberjack Break 50 trees 15
Tree Hater Break 100 trees 15
Stone Crusher Break 50 stones 15
Epic Stone Crusher Break 500 stones 20
Gravedigger Break 10 graves 10
Loot collector Break 50 boxes and barrels 15
The First Golem Kill the Stone Golem 10
Golems Fighter Kill 10 Stone Golems 15
The First Golden Skeleton Kill the Golden Skeleton 5
Skeletons Fighter Kill 10 Golden Skeletons 15
The Goblins' Enemy Kill 3 Goblin Shamans in the dungeons 10
Goblins Fighter Kill 10 Goblin Shamans in the dungeons 20
Clash on Graveyard veteran Survive 9 waves in Clash on Graveyard 25
Paladin Kill 10 zombies 5
Threat to the undead Kill 50 zombies 10
Nature's enemy Kill 5 weeds 5
Weed killer Kill 20 weeds 10
Antiquities expert Open the Ancient Gates 10
Pumpkin King Save the dealer's pumpkins 5
True Detective Murder in the Hunter's Cabin 15
Cemetery secrets 2 Deal with the Undertaker once again 25
Cleaner of the Horrible Well Clean the Horrible Well 10
Hallucinations King Find an expensive handle for the shovel 10
Chef Make a cake 15
Winner of the Random Find the way through the Ancient Maze 20
Dark business Gain the trust of thieves 10
Bounty hunter Track down a fugitive 15
Threat of the swamps Deal with the Marshlands Monster 15
Thief Rob a cabin 10
Captain Build a Flying Ship 20
A new friend Save the Royal Blacksmith 15
Castle feels like home Deal with the Lord of the Marshlands 20
In charge of the cemetery Victory on the Northern cemetery 20
Great rescuer Rescue the Princess 30
Let there be light! Bring back the stolen sun 30
The most important achievement Defeat the Big Bad 35
Slug fighter Kill 50 slugs 15
Wood goblins fighter Kill 30 wood goblins 15
Moose hunter Kill 50 moose 10
Drawned man Get drowned in the swamp 5
Survivor Complete the tutorial 5
The first friend Find a carpenter 5
The second friend Find a blacksmith 5
The first dungeon Open the dungeon 5
Bone cave Find the Bone Cave 15
Goblins camp Find a Goblin's Camp 15


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