My Brother Rabbit


A Friend in Need Leave the Rabbit Hole. 30
Fly Away Leave this defiled place. 60
Pumped Out Pump all the objects. 20
Sprinkler Use all the colors. 20
Quack Quack Make all the rubber ducks quack. 20
Itsy-Bitsy Spider Find all the spiders. 30
Curiosity Uncork all of the test tubes on the tree. 20
Ice Sculptor Sculpt an ice swan. 20
Bring It Back! Lower the big baobab. 30
Programmer's Brain Solve the tangram puzzle. 40
Startler Startle all of the signal birds. 20
Hand in Hand Try all of the robo-moose hands. 20
Flying Machine Solve the 4-window puzzle. 30
Befriend a Turtle Find all the turtles. 20
Shell Inspector Open all the clam shells. 20
Pearl Collector Collect all the pearls. 20
Four Wheels Put the wheels on the cart. 30
Sickness is Gone Finish the game. 100
Where Are They Going? Follow them to see where they flew. 20
Jolly Yamyams Interact with all the yamyams. 20

Fever Stop Bring the fever down. 30
Color Separator Fix the rainbow divider. 40
Freedom Free the Rabbit. 30
Fingers Crossed Give the test results to the Doctor. 40
Disappointment Find the cure somewhere else. 60
Just Moo It! The giant robo-moose is ready. 60
Beanstalk Ladder Grow the ladder from the beans. 20
Bring It Up! Move the bike to the top. 40
Wind Creator Fly to the rescue. 60
Bubble Passenger Use the bubble to move heroes up. 30


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