Got To It Escape via helicopter 50
The Most Dangerous Game Win the game against the Hunter 50
Women and Children First Escape via the life raft 50
The Hunt for Me is Over Escape via the sub. 50
Well Done Win the game against the Brute. 50
Fiendzoned Win the game against the Fiend. 50

Charlie's Devils Get killed by all 3 monsters 20
Aim Away From Face Stun a monster with the fire extinguisher 20
I Love It When A Plan Comes Together Gain access to a barricaded room 150
Bait 'N' Switch Trigger a Hunter trap with an item 30
Let There Be Light Power 2 additional areas in one playthrough 30
Steam Won't Connect Activate the main steam valve 150
I Don't Know What I Expected Hit the brute with a flare gun 30
Child Of The 90s Have 6 glowsticks at once. 50
A Sequence Of Unfortunate Events Get killed by a monster after falling on a pit trap 20
Now Think About What You've Done Lock a monster in a power-locked room. 200


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