Newt One


Bird Watcher Rescue your 1st Parrot 10
Aviary Savior Unlock the Parrot Realm 50
Looking Good Unlock your 1st Outfit 10
Full Closet Unlock all Outfits 40
Full House Free all Elders 40
Leaves Changing Awaken the Forest Realm 40
Perches Rescue all 6 Forest Parrots 40
Branching Out Recover the Forest Wand 40
Ready for Camping Unlock all 6 Forest Outfits 40
Aced the Test Rite of Passage 60
Head in the Clouds Awaken the Clouds Realm 40
High in the Clouds Rescue all 6 Clouds Parrots 40
Magic on Cloud 9 Recover the Clouds Wand 50
Ready to Party Unlock all 6 Clouds Outfits 40
Floating in Style Free the Clouds Elder 40
Sea Breeze Awaken the Islands Realm 40
Tropical Birds Rescue all 6 Islands Parrots 40
Hot Rod Recover the Islands Wand 50
Ready for the Beach Unlock all 6 Islands Outfits 40
Living Lava Free the Islands Elder 40
Tundra Time Awaken the Glacier Realm 40
Above the Ice Rescue all 6 Glacier Parrots 40
Ice Cold Recover the Glacier Wand 50
Ready for Winter Unlock all 6 Glacier Outfits 40
Polar Vortex Free the Glacier Elder 40


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